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The Alnwick Garden, one of the world's most ambitious new gardens, is delighted to announce its new partnership with Jamie's Ministry of Food, having opened its centre at the top attraction this July.

Officially launched by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales on Tuesday 24th July 2012, Jamie's Ministry of Food, The Alnwick Garden, aims to provide a community-focused initiative that teaches basic cooking skills to non-cooks, as well as promoting learning about food in an inspiring and fun environment.

Commenting on the new initiative, The Duchess of Northumberland, creator of The Alnwick Garden said, ‘We plan to run a huge variety of cooking courses for all age groups around children, older people, those with a range of mental health and physical disabilities, students, Christmas, Easter - the opportunities are endless. We aim to make cooking fun, easy and tasty using freshly picked ingredients from the garden so that everyone will leave wanting to continue what they have learnt with The Ministry of Food in The Alnwick Garden in their own homes and so develop healthier lifestyles and a sense of well-being'

Having secured the role as Project Manager for the initiative, Sara Jenson-Boon commented, ‘Jamie's Ministry of Food at The Alnwick Garden is a fantastic project to be involved with; it's exciting, challenging and a great opportunity to make a difference to a variety of people; encouraging them to put processed foods in the bin and cook from scratch with good fresh produce. Everyone can cook; however some people need a little more encouragement than others, Jamie's Ministry of Food at The Alnwick Garden will provide the encouragement, the opportunity to learn new skills as well as the possibility to make new friends.

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Alnwick Garden officially launched by HRH The Prince of Wales
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For further information please visit The Alnwick Garden website www.alnwickgarden.com or call 01665511350 or email Ministryoffood@alnwickgarden.com.

"I've got kids and it's been great to learn how to cook new things for them."


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