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Matthew’s culinary career took off with great excitement when he was accepted into Jamie Oliver's first international restaurant Fifteen Melbourne, Australia. Matthew carried out training at Box Hill Institute of TAFE and then qualified at Sofitel Culinary Academy. After successfully graduating from Fifteen, Matthew attributes much of his success as an apprentice chef to the vigorous training he received from good friend of Jamie Oliver’s - Executive Head Chef of Fifteen Melbourne Celebrity Chef Tobie Puttock. At the age of 21, Matthew landed his second chef position at Melbourne’s finest 3 hat French Restaurant 'Vue de Monde' under the professional mentoring of world renowned chef and entrepreneur Shannon Bennett. In 2008 Matthew performed a live cooking demonstration representing Vue de Monde at Melbourne’s Buddha’s Day Festival and was featured on TV network Channel 31 Melbourne. A short while after Matthew had the opportunity to film a short podcast for jamieoliver.com. He spent a day outside in an organic garden down Melbourne knocking up amazing salads. From there, his culinary career excelled with an offer to fly overseas to Hakuba, Japan to launch Australia’s first Winter Olympic Gold Medalist Steven Bradbury’s Bar and Restaurant at the boutique 4 star Aqua Alpine Hotel. After successfully launching the restaurant with his own signature dishes he returned to Brisbane, Australia. He was appointed Head Chef at the famous historical Old Government House in Queensland. Matthew is currently catering for high profiled clients including Australian Governor General Ms Quentin Bryce and Queensland State Premier Anna Bligh. McKenzie has cooked for Aussie actress Madeleine West (UnderBelly, Neighbors), Steven Bradbury (First winter Olympic gold medalist) and Pop Singer Sensation Danni Minogue to name a few. Matthew continues to work at Old Government House and spends his days off inspiring others to become the very best chefs of the future. He is writing his first two books; an auto biography about his life before Fifteen and a student cookery book featuring Australia’s Nutritionist & food Philosopher Sherry Strong and Fitness professional Master Jesse Leeds. In 2008 at the Fifteen Graduation, Matthew received a High Achiever award from Jamie Oliver via satellite video. Matthew was handed another award in 2009 from Maffra Secondary College for his Inspirational, Motivational & Transformation program he wrote for students and schools in rural areas of Australia. This was a wonderful endorsement. Matthew has recently partnered up with the charity organisation human.org.au (Human Ventures LTD) to help setup a new fund-raising campaign with other respected chefs to raise money and awareness for underprivileged, disadvantaged children in Australia and third world countries. Matthew has appeared on TV Network channel Ten ‘Jamie’s Kitchen Australia’ and Channel Nine ‘Celebrating 150 Years of Queensland’ where he was the resident chef at Old Government House. Matthew appeared live at Melbourne’s ‘Good Food & Wine Show’ in 2008 with Celebrity Chef Tobie Puttock. In 2009 live at ‘The Healthy Ageing & Lifestyle Expo’ representing ‘Meals on Wheels'. He is a regular guest chef on Brisbane’s 612 ABC radio and also does live cooking demos for ABC radio Gippsland. Every two weeks Matthew has a signature recipe published in the Gippsland Times newspaper in Victoria. Even though Matthew is an experienced young chef he will always continue with his quest to inspire people about yummy & simple healthy food. Soon to release his first cookbook in which he enthusiastically shares his vast knowledge. Matthew; "From here I hope to continue to quench my thirst for knowledge and follow my passion. I have a huge desire to explore the world and learn from the best Chefs. I hope to someday open my own restaurant and take on disadvantaged youths, building them with the confidence to pursue their goals and dreams" Outback Matty xox

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