Jamie Oliver

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24th Mar 2008

Hi. I am a 'nearly 40 but look 25' father of two beautiful daughters,married for almost 5 years to the delightful Choc Chops (you may have heard of her?). Born & bred in Essex (yes,I did own an Escort and a Capri once haha!) I work in retail and my interests include football - following the mighty Spurs, music, films, reading, good (and bad) humour, socialising and spending quality time with my family. My ambition is to write my own novel,probably a childrens story. I did make a start on this but have neglected it of late and need to get back in the keyboard saddle! Unfortunately I have gained somewhat of a reputation of a microwaved/fast food lover,hence my moniker but I am enjoying reading the many great tips and ideas from this site and hopefully this will give me more confidence to venture into the kitchen more frequently (other than to just fetch a beer haha!) So watch this space hey. Who knows,maybe one day I'll be able to change my name to singwhenyoubake!

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