Jamie Oliver


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18th Nov 2012

I'm an actor based in the UK so you might have seen me on the silver screen? Or the little box if you get our programmes... You might even track me down on IMDb??? Meantime I've had loads of other jobs too from hod carrying on building sites (I was young then!), to selling ice cream to being a freelance copywriter. I picked up a degree along the way - in the evening part time... in hermeneutics. My hobbies are films (I'm in BAFTA so see 2 or 3 a week), painting (oil as I like the sensuousness of the paint... abstract, bright colors), cooking, singing, gardening - I've had three allotments! And walking - though I don't do that very often nowadays - nothing to beat standing on top of a mountain in a gale to feel alive. Oh... and I've got a 16 year old son... so life is never dull!!!!

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