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Let's see here - Hiya I'm Caz, aged thirty something. I'm a mad knitter with needles (lol), very busy mom 'taxi' of three active children under age eight and constantly fixing my house with my numerous DIY projects...always wondering what IS for dinner! I've gone from carnivore to vegetarian to straight vegan to back to carnivore. I'm game for any recipe that is easy for me to do and won't create a massive explosion in my kitchen! The idol family chef in my house is Alton Brown. I love anything he cooks up - but I have room for Jamie Oliver too! xxx

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MAR 03 @ 02:09
by cadlmom2011
MAR 02 @ 14:22
worm farm
by cadlmom2011
MAR 02 @ 14:13
by cadlmom2011
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