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12th Apr 2010

This is the 2nd time my daughter Camille and I are cooking a Jamie Oliver recipe weekly. This year, the now 11 year old Camille and I are we are using the COOK with JAMIE cookbook because Jamie says the book is teaching you to be a better cook. Camille loved this statement, and I love this project because it's teaching Camille to make good food choices especially because she is an avid ballet dancer. We started 2 years ago when Cam was 9, and she had seen the movie Julie and Julia. We cooked weekly a recipe from the Jamie's Dinners cookbook. We had to stop at the fresh fish section because Camille has a bad allergy to fresh (not tinned) fish. This time we are making the blog more interactive, and each week asking our followers to choose from 2 recipe choices which one Camille should cook the following week. We hope you enjoy our weekly posts.

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