Jamie Oliver


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9th Sep 2009

Hi, I'm 37 years old italian man and I love cooking and eating. I growed in Tuscany and, like almost all italian people,in a tipical italian family were my Mum cooked at home all kind of pasta (ravioli, gnocchi, pici, lasagne....), beef, chicken, wild boar and, last but not least, desset, cake and biscuits. While I saw her, I easily undestood the importance of raw material to make a recipe.... This is the reason because I'm always looking for biological and natural products and one year ago I started my adventure with natural baking. I like to discover new taste, new regional dishes and cooking way.... 5 years ago I followed my wife in a north of Italy (on Piedmont) and we get a baby, Zoe.... She immediatly become the reason of my life, and I surely, I will teach to her all my know-how on cooking.... I don't use my english so often, so I apologize for my mistake ;)

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