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23rd Feb 2009

Welcome!!! I�m 40 years old, living with my boyfriend and three cats about an hours drive north of Cologne. I�ve always loved cooking and baking and I�m getting more and more experienced. What else.... I love travelling, I love trying out different food, I love going to concerts (fave band is Take That and I have no problems admitting that *lol*), reading books (preferrably archaeology or to do with food), I love doing catering (even though doing this as a job would be too stressfull me thinks!), and last but not least for now we�re MAD about coffee here! My OH is roasting his own coffee, if that�s not mad I don�t know..... I do not share Jamie�s love for chillies, unfortunately my stomach is on war with everything that is too hot, I do react with terrible stomach pain to it! What a shame! Enjoy life, see you on the forum!

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