Jamie Oliver

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22nd Nov 2008

I live on the Oregon coast of the Pacific Ocean in America. I am from Minnesota originally. It's very cold there, and by 1996 I'd had my lifetime's allotment of snow, so I bought a new truck and hauled myself and my dog all over the USA to find a new place to live. My secondary goal was to see as many national parks as I could. My third goal was to get my dog into as many places that dogs were forbidden as possible. I put 28,000 miles on the truck and picked beautiful lush Oregon as my new home. The dog liked it, too because a) blueberries grew wild and he could eat them from the bush and b) sometimes he could find a whole dead sea lion to roll in. Yay. I moved here and eventually found a husband who a) taught college b) read in bed c) lived on the ocean What more could a girl want? So we got married and I decided to really learn to cook, because if we couldn't feed each other's senses, how could the marriage survive? He is smart and funny, so I figured I'd better bring something to the table, so cooking it is! Oh, and if you ever get the chance to make an extensive tour of the United States and see all of it's national parks, by all means do it! I know many people on this site don't particularly care for Americans, but that doesn't really affect topography, does it? This is a splendid and magnificent country. There are things so gorgeous here that I'd never even imagined them until I saw them. Seriously.

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