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19th Mar 2010

My name is Simona and I am originally a Roman , I moved to Umbria, near Orvieto 10 years ago. Umbria, the green heart of Italy is also the heart of the slow food movement, now spreading world wide . This is the region where wine and good food are an intergral part of daily living and this is definitely the right place for me. My relationship with local producers of like mind have enabled me to nourish and nurture friends and family alike with delicious local cooking. This is now an experience you too can enjoy through, Sagraincasa. Passion for good food, as well as long hours spent in my vegetable patch, olive grove and vineyard, are some of the reasons that inspired this unique blog, SAGRAINCASA wants to be an inspiration for you in your day life cooking, you can check every day, "what's in the pan", ask advice and "steal" ideas. It will also be a pleasure for me to suggest the best tips for spend a relaxing and enjoyable vacation around the hills of Orvieto.

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