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4th May 2007

My name is Spiros Mantadakis, im half greek andduhhh wel im 20 yrs. of age atm. I grew up mostly with me and my sis alone and wel it was pretty hard on my mom and all but i geus thats why i always helped here out in the kitchen from when i was like..a lil ol brat pick'n my nouse and all that hehe.. I geus thats why ive always liked cooking and have always been pasionate about food, partialy beause im half greek because like all southern european country's..cooking is numero uno on the list there! And offcourse i did knew my father and when i was very young i still lived in greece and there everyone around me (man..woman..children) was doing something to help in the kitchen or cooking stuff on there own so i geus its natural i kinda picked up on it! but back to the present time, like i said im 20 atm and have been cooking for a long time now but unfortunatly there isnt much here to expand my horizon on. Its not that easy to just be a student at a great restaurant or something like that over here and offcourse ive been busy with school allot also because afterall thats also important! But i still have allot of dreams i want to acclomplish on a culinary level though i think it will be allot of hard work accomplishing all of my ideas by my own, but sometimes thats just the way it is! Anyway i hope life has allot to offer from a culinary point of view and i hope i get to see some usefull ideas recipes etc etc. buhbye :]

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