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Hj, I'm Stella writing from Spain, where I've lived for the last thirty years. I know most people are very keen on Italian cooking, as well as the world famous French cuisine, so I'd just like to remind you that Spain is also a Mediterranean country, with a lot of Arab influence, which makes its gastronomy very rich and varied, with all the advantages of the Mediterranean diet. It's a lot more than paella, tapas and sangrķa! I only get to see Jamie's shows on one local channel, so I only discovered him about a year ago, but I immediately became a fan of his casual, hands-on, fun approach to good cooking, and especially his campaigns to improve the English diet and help their youth. There's not much I can do from here to help with any of this, but I do have a suggestion for a future project: my mother-in-law is 96 and lives in a home, but she has no special nutritional needs other than that she has difficulty swallowing. The home's cook's main concern is of course their inmates' health, but I think it a pity that they cannot devise a way to make the meals more interesting. These people have time enough to get bored as it is! As for myself, I have ME and am permanently off sick, and cooking is one of the two things I can enjoy without getting excessively tired - the other being my dogs, Lucas and Vicky. I also enjoy taking photos, and have had a camera since I was 12, but I've never owned a digital one, so if I do happen to take a photo of any of my "inventions", it'll take a time for me to be able to post it. I do, however, have a small notebook where I've written down a few of my more successful creations, which I shall endeavour to post from time to time; but for now I'm getting tired. so I'll make it another time. For anyone interested, my e-mail is stella_heath_8@msn.com

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