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22nd Dec 2007

This is the first blog I've done but what better place to start than my favourite website. I live on the Mornington Peninsula south east of Melbourne in Australia. The only things I knew how to cook when I moved out of home were chilli con carne and spaghetti bolognaise. From there I learned from friends, lovers and books. In the past 10 years the internet and television cooking shows have been added inspiration. I began my love affair with cooking all things sweet and fattening like biscuits, cakes and pies. As the years have gone by my sweet tooth is not so demanding and now I focus mostly on our main meals at dinner time. I live on a suburban block where we are lucky to have enough space for a vege patch. We do rent so we haven't spent much on our garden. We have our own compost; the compost bin was already here when we arrived, just a bottomless plastic tub with a lid. The garden was so overgrown with weeds when we first moved in it took my partner, my father and I three full days of weeding and bagging rubbish to discover the garden beds. We have reworked some of it with shovels, sweat and left over bricks that were behind the garden shed. We invested a few dollars in some herb plants, native trees and chicken poo. The soil here is a clay based soil but the compost has done wonders on the vege patch in the last 2 years and is now full of worms and black healthy soil. I'm not the best gardener in the world but this year I'm going to get some more focus and enthusiasm for my garden and see if I can build a stronger relationship with soil and plants.

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