Jamie Oliver

growing a tomato plant

JUN 04 @ 10:45

by eric

My tomato plant has been growing for the past three weeks. It's in a large pot by my kitchen window. So far there are no visible signs of any tomatoes growing on it sad

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JUN 04 @ 15:11

by Cindy

Eric - put him outside in the sun, they need the sun and bees to pollinate and flower properly. Tomatoes take a wee while to fruit.

Make sure you stake it well or have a good trellis for it to climb on.

JUL 31 @ 19:27

by ANN

Put it in the sun like Cindy suggested and make sure to water it well.  Tomatoes like water.  I have 3 tomato plants in pots and it took a little while for the fruit to form.  Once it does it will continue to fruit.  Since it's in a pot you will may need to feed it some nutrients.  Check with your garden depot for what to use if you're going organic.

AUG 01 @ 01:00

by AndyH

Try tomato feed once a week once the fruit starts to form. When you have flowers give them a gentle tap too apparently it helps with the pollination.

AUG 04 @ 19:48

by jaz

I started my plants indoors but if possible you really need to get them planted outdoors and in direct sunlight so before you know it little white flowers start growing. big_smile

AUG 09 @ 09:54

by Mrs Gibba

My tomatoes have been outside since May - not so good as with all the rain, they've got some disease.  So, total produce on the tomato front this year will be about 20 tomatoes - not good at all sad

AUG 09 @ 13:57

by Mia

Any updates?

AUG 18 @ 23:26

by mummza

Eric, how are your tomatoes growing... I think that it is beggining to get to the time of year to pinch out the main growing tip so that the remaining fruit can form better and try to ripen.

MAY 10 @ 09:36

by michaela

Hi Am thinking of growing some tomato plants outdoors only ever seen them grown in a greenhouse, what would be the best variety.

MAY 18 @ 11:58

by Carolyn

Hi, I've been reading articles about pruning tomato plants, but am confused to know how much to take off? One article said take everything off below the first flowers, is this correct? Also does it matter with different varieteies, ie Tumbler F1 I presume will 'tumble' so won't need staking? does this need pruning or is it just the taller varieties that you stake up???hmm

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