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AUG 09 @ 21:10

by Maree

There's a great new book out "Herbs: Their cultivation and usage" by John and Rosemary Hemphill, published by Lansdowne.
For non-Australians, the Hemphill family (Herbies) have been #1 in herb cultivation in Oz for decades.

It covers propagation (position, soil, height, part to use), description of plant; history and mythology, cultivation, harvesting and processing and various uses-culinary, medicinal, cosmetic and companion planting.

There is also a section at the rear of the book for recipes using the various herbs.

It's hardback, with dust jacket and about 1/2 A4 size and is user-friendly. 256 pages including index.

I have no personal financial interest in this book.I am a "trade" customer of "Herbie's Spices. Just wanted to pass on the info for you to take or leave.

Happy cooking with herbs,

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SEP 26 @ 06:35

by stuvik

Hi Maree,

I figured this is as good a place as any to send you a message.

Places to get fruit and vege from in Newcastle:

* Sandgate (between Shortland and Hexham) has a market on (I think) weekly. I haven't been there but I hear that's where the growers sell fresh produce. It's located on Rural Dr. in Sandgate (http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=q& … 7&om=1).
Here's the website: http://www.newcastlemarkets.com.au/

* Jesmond Fruit Barn opposite the shopping center has some ok fruit and veg.

* For Chinese/Asian veges, believe it or not but, Woolies and Coles have a healthy range. There's also an Asian grocery store on Hunter St which has a brilliant array of Asian ingredients and utensils.

Unfortunately the range isn't nearly as good as what's available in Sydney. What Newcastle has is a great array of cafes and restaurants.


SEP 26 @ 07:12

by Maree

Hi friend, the family home having been at Hamilton (off Gregson Park), I tend to shop there or thereabouts.

Deli- think it's called Pina's. Off Lindsay and Beaumont Street, Hamilton. On the east side of the PO. Parking is a bummer, but if you go around the block (behind the Kent Hotel, there's parking there.

Fruit and vegs and bread:Frank Frasca's @ Marketown.Their F and V are the best I've found. They also sell Morpeth bread (yummo). They have great yoghurts and dips as well. They have a great choice of Italian ingredients. Staff fall over themselves to help you. Btw, the yoghurts are made on the premises using their own produce.

Butcher: Used to use David Jones but they have gone the way of the dinosour. Use the butchers at Marketown or the one in the complex at The Junction (where Coles is).

Cooking Equipment: there used to be a fantastic one in the "upstairs" of the Hunter Street Mall (where Oak is): Claire's. They supplied TAFE etc. They've gone.

Go to the Essential Ingredient at The Junction or that place on Brunker Rd., Adamstown (closer to Broadmeadow.

Thanks for the info. Hope mine has been of some use to you .

Wish I could find decent fish/seafood in my home-town.

The Co-op at Wickham/Carrington didn't do it for me.

SEP 26 @ 07:49

by stuvik

Thanks for the info. I'll have to check out Frank Frasca's.

The Co-op is probably still the best place for seafood locally but you have to pick your days and times right. Generally, afternoons aren't that good.

The next best seafood is probably at Nelson Bay. A bit far to go JUST for seafood unless you intend on having a seafood BBQ at the bay. I mainly go for the scuba diving smile

    William aka "Stuvik"

SEP 26 @ 08:23

by Maree

Thanks, friend. Will give your suggestions a go.

While on a delayed stay in Ncle at the beginning of the year, used my husband'cousin's kitchen to "suss out" the market up there before I make "the" move.

"Did" the markets at Honeysuckle (near the Crowne Plaza on Merewether St.) And the ones at Broadmeadow. Was going to try the ones up the Valley, but ran out of time.

Hey, William, have you had a chance to try Jamie's sourdough as "dragged out" by me?

Made sourdough baguettes from it last night- yummo. Not "too" sour in taste (that will happen as the starter ages).

Try it if you can. Only needs five minutes every second day. Try/make up your own variations once you are into the hang of it.

Let me know if I can be of help. Don't pretend to be an expert but have made bread for 30+ years and sourdough for nearly 20 years smile

SEP 26 @ 08:52

by Maree

William, didn't mention it before but Frank Frasca's "Growers' Best" is located in the carpark of Marketowm (closer to Maccas than Captain Snooze). Regardless, it's off King Street, once you pass (if coming from the W), the "link" to Sydney.

As for seafood, it "makes me cross" that "our" seafood is sent to Sydney or exported.

We moved to Port Stephens when I was a kid. Don't have the time to drive especially to The Bay. Looks like I may not have much choice for the best seafood.

Best wishes,

SEP 28 @ 00:55

by stuvik

Hi Maree,

I'll give it a go as soon as I can comfortably stand up. I busted my left knee at tennis on Wednesday night and am now on crutches. In constant pain at the moment so I wont be online very often.

My attempt at making tagliatelli with semolina flour didn't go so well at the start of the week. Unless it was tagliatelli for a giant wink

I didn't go to the Honeysuckle markets either :P The council at the time decided to charge for parking on the weekend when it was on and it didn't get very good reviews.

Talk to you soon.
   William wave

OCT 29 @ 10:13

by Birdymum

Maree wrote:

    Birdymum, since we now live in the same city, where do you get your goat cheese? Frank's at MT? Where? help

Hi Maree,

I go down to Bibina at Warner's Bay, once a month, it is pretty much like a warehouse but if you haven't gone there already then you should give it a try. I also get over to Woolies in Maitland once a week and they often have goat's cheese that is near date there, in the speciality section at the back of the store, still perfectly good but only a couple of days to eat it.

Hope that helps.

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