Jamie Oliver

Council Estate Vegetable Patch

SEP 05 @ 19:40

by Laney's Patch

I often wonder if anyone else on my run down 1960's council estate grows their own food.  I hope watching programmes like Jamie at Home inspire them to give it a try.  This is only my second year, the patch gets bigger every winter, we get more veg every autumn! 

This picture was the patch at the start, in January this year.  From that empty bit of essex clay we've got onions, leeks, parsnips, spring onions, rocket, lettuce, sweetcorn, and in containers and bags we've grown potatoes, tomatoes and beans. 

I can't wait for next year now!

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SEP 05 @ 22:15

by royallroasters

this is so fab. this is  exactly what it is all about- my parents and parents parents all grew up on council estates AND grew their own veg- why has this changed so much these days? anyone can do it, even in the smallest space- and it is sooo exciting to watch something you have planted yourself grow. I watch with utter dismay- only today how some mum was shocked to find that additives in food were causing her son to have behavioural problems- duh- it is not exactly rockets science -  you have a choice to make food from scratch - or to grow your own- you don't have to buy the ready meal crap - if you grow your own or buy wisely you know exactly what goes into the food you put into your mouths- sorry rant over!!!! looking forward to seeing your progress

SEP 06 @ 13:37

by Alex G

Out of the veg that you have grown which do you think is the most beneficial(/easiest to grow)?

I grew up on a council estate aswell, in Chelmsford. The garden there would have been excellent for growing fruit and veg, as it was quite big!

SEP 16 @ 15:31

by azzy

I'm really interested to see the luck you've had with a clay soil! Our soil here is really heavy clay as we live on what used to be brick pits, so it's really heavy and I don't know if it would be good for growing anything.

But your success is certainly encouraging! Do you get much sun on those patches? I love looking at other people's gardens. Such an inspiratio  smile

SEP 18 @ 12:38

by Laney's Patch

Hi guys!  My internet has been down all week, finally back online.  With regards to the clay soil, I build slightly raised beds, then mix standard compost in with the broken up clay.  I usually add manure over the winter, and am going to try adding some leaf mould this year too.  I've only been gardening for three years so the fertility has always been fine, but I feel I need to add something back into the soil this year.
I've had varying successes each year.  The lack of sun this year didn't help my sweetcorn, we only got a few cobs but they were gorgeous!  My favourite and easiest to grow has to be the tomatoes and the onions.  I've really enjoyed growing white onions, spring onions and leeks this year.  The toms rarely make it to the plate, I munch them in the garden.big_smile  I just wish I had more space!

SEP 21 @ 09:30

by VAL47

i lived in a council house in Coggeshall when i was a (young!)girl,We nearly all grew veg of some kind (although i wasnt involved)and a couple of the neighbours had chickens.Gardening is a real family affair with my son and daughter getting stuck in,with no pressure to from me or my hubby.
Wont be long laney till you have to change to 'Laney's plot'
Keep up with the expansion program!!thumbsup

APR 10 @ 01:35

by Hero

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