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SEP 05 @ 21:45

by metalchicken

hmmI've just been given some beautiful beetroot by one of my patients and i can't seem to find anything to do with them in the vast shelf of cookery books I've amassed over the years..it needs to be simple and quick,I don't want to pickle them..has anyone got any bright ideas?

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SEP 05 @ 22:18

by royallroasters

we made a soup out of some we got in our veg box from the covent garden soup book- but it was not that nice- i have seen a beetroot and feta recipe [by dare i say it here- gordon ramsay] which i have been eyeing up from time to time

SEP 05 @ 22:38

by metalchicken

:shockedyikesoh you said G***** R***** on jamies blogger!! You blasphemer!! Which of G*****'s cookery books might that be in?? Not of course that i have many of his books..but I might know a man that has!Cheers.smile

SEP 06 @ 10:56

by royallroasters

it's in the sunday lunch one wave

SEP 06 @ 17:11

by tiggi

Quite a few years ago I was treated to lunch at The River Cafe and I asked if they could do me a main meal of roasted veg, they presented me with a fab array of seasonal stuff and as it was September beetroot featured large... there are three great beet' recipes in The River Cafe Cook Book Two [the yellow one], the one on p156 is the closest to the version I had. Sarah Ravens Garden Cookbook has lots of beet recipes, I only bought it a few weeks ago but it is one of my favorite books as it is garden to table stuff.

SEP 07 @ 18:28

by metalchicken

Cheers for the suggestions..I have also found a lovely beetroot and chilli sweet pickle recipe in a tesco's food club magazine so I might try this, thanks

SEP 07 @ 23:52

by Marnie

Bit late, but if you've got the "Cook" by Jamie Oliver book, it has a great salad recipe for beetroot on page 36.  We make it at least once a week.  It has fetta and pears in it.  We sometimes have apple or carrot as well.  I also like to roast beetroots. Just peel and quarter if large and add to your other roast vegies.

SEP 08 @ 09:20

by thewench

What about beetroot and chocolate cake? The recipe is on the cook yourself slim site...

SEP 12 @ 19:55

by metalchicken

I've just recieved my copy of the Jamie at Home cook book.. I have to say I was a little disappointed with the format, I thought it was going to be rather like the way it's presented on the TV programme. The way it's illustrated on the telly is fab and would make a very nice addition to my vast array of cookery books..The growing tips etc are great though and of course the recipes are brilliant.

JUN 02 @ 04:39

by cynkin

sloosh of e.v.o.o. and roast in oven, peel off outer bits, s&p and eat as soon as cool enough. mm

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