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Rise of the Pumpkin Pita

SEP 16 @ 17:46

by Chanr

The pumpkin pita rising in the pan (see above video) was a product of my boredom one night when I just couldn't sit still at my desk and work. I hadn't really been in the kitchen for at least a month (I'm lucky to have a mum who cooks dinner for me), so I gave in and began to fiddle around randomly in the kitchen. This was the result:

Pumpkin Pita

After rummaging around in the vegie crisper of the fridge, I emerged with a supermarket wrapped wedge of pumpkin (about 1/5 of a medium pumpkin). With the kettle put on the boil, I proceeded to seed, skin and cut up the pumpkin into little chunks.

With that done, the next step was to steam the pumpkin until tender. This took about ten minutes, and by then I was able to grab a fork and give it a good mash. You can blitz in the food processor of course. I actually ended up pushing it through a wire sieve.

So here I had mass of mashed pumpkin before me. What next? At the time, I was thinking of making some sort of pudding, but of course it didn't happen- I had a change of plan. Grabbing a container of plain flour, I poured in about 1.5 cups or so with a pinch of salt and started mixing. With a bit of patience and help from a dash of milk, I had a soft golden dough.   

It had gotten quite late at this stage, so after a good kead, I clingwrapped the whole lot and let it rest in the frige overnight.

The next day
The dough had become a bit sticky on the outside, so I worked off a well floured plastic chopping board.

I gave the dough a very light knead and pulled off walnut sized chunks. Using the palm of my hands, I rolled each chunk into a ball and flattened it. Finally, I went over it with a rolling pin to achieve disks of about 22cm in diameter.

Heating a non-stick pan till it was hot (no oil or anything required), I lay a disk in the pan and cooked until the colour had changed. It's subtle, but obvious after a while. (it loses its 'transparent look') This is when I flipped it over and cooked it until brown spots appeared ( I must say that what's in the video is a bit too brown, but still, this one rose really well =]). I flipped it again, and this time, it began to puff up and rise. By this stage it's pretty much done.

I ended up with about 8 and they kept well in the freezer.

In terms of taste, it had the sweetness of pumkin and went down really well stuffed with mixed salad leaves as a lunch. Stuff it with whatever else you fancy but that's what I had at in the fridge at the time Actually, I ate them plain most of the time becuase the pumpkin taste was so good. 

Note: I didn't measure anything so any quantaties given are only approximate

signing off.
Chanr =]

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