Jamie Oliver


DEC 04 @ 04:56

by Beautiful BC

Hi everyone!  I've finally signed on here to the J at Home blog.  Looks really neat with the graphics!  I love the forums on the regular site and hope to find this just as informative!

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DEC 11 @ 00:30

by chacha1103

Hey another Canadian!smile

DEC 16 @ 18:42

by Punga

Greetings, fellow British Columbian!

DEC 23 @ 06:52

by Brilliant

Apparently BC loves Jamie! 
We have the best climate for growing just about anything in our backyard.
I had way too many tomatoes last year.

APR 16 @ 06:31

by gabriolabecca


I'm interested in the 100 mile principle, and humane food farming. Would love to hear from anyone who has information, sources, ideas, etc.



JUN 21 @ 04:08

by Comme le Soleil

Wow! BC

I am from BC (vancouver island) now in Montréal!

Yes, very beautiful


JUN 24 @ 06:34

by Maritime Maggie

Its great to see so many Canadians on here smile

AUG 27 @ 09:17

by tragicallyblond

Hi from Terrace BC...are we loving the rain yet? wave

DEC 10 @ 23:33

by poultrygirl

hello fellow canadians from sunny and cold Manitoba.

As my user name denotes I am into everything poultry, but love to cook as well.
Want to chat about a better chicken.?  I'm your girl.
We need Jamie to bring pressure on our chicken boards to allow small time production of better chciken than those commercial white birds which are raised in huge numbers.
We need chicken out  here in Canada. !!!

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