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Turkey Turkey

DEC 13 @ 09:45

by Mrs Gibba

To report, we've ordered the turkey from our local butcher, it's coming from a local farm, and is all lovely and organic and out-door reared etc.

Because of that, it's going to cost a fortune, but if you can't eat well on Christmas day, when we eat a nice slow dinner, when will you eat well???

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DEC 13 @ 16:32

by PuckaGal

I agree. I started shopping at this wonderful organic supermarket here in the states called Whole Foods. Everything tastes wonderful and I feel better when I eat organic. I purchaed an organic Pecan Pumpkin Cheesecake for Thanksgiving and it was a hit around the whole family. That's a tough feat! Now I'm thinking of having them make up some platters for a Christmas Eve party my mom is having. My plan is to convert as many of my family and friends to eat, buy, and live organic! Once I can get them to participate, maybe I could get them to Go Green!
Merry Christmas!smile

DEC 14 @ 11:24

by Mrs Gibba

Good luck on that campaign!!!

We're trying something similar here, I really struggle with getting the in-laws to understand that quality of food is more important than the price (and that you don't have to have meat in every meal).

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