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Coconutmacaroons "Radio Chef"

DEC 16 @ 14:14

by SusanneH

Probably no macaroons in the strict sense. But good!
Radiochef because my parents-in-law used to tape record recipes for my husband like a radio show. And the show was called "radio chef". This is rather obviously my mother-in-law's recipe.

Coconutmacaroos "radio chef"

200 g butter
200 g sugar
3-4 tbsp flour
2 eggs
400 g grated coconut

Make a dough using all ingredients. Make little heaps (macaroons) with a tsp. This year I formed little balls instead.

Bake at 130-150°C for 20-30 min.

Best cool on a piece of paper towel.

I think they will be excellent dipped in chocolate too.

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DEC 17 @ 11:05

by Cream

SusanneH, looks soooo yammy!
my first time to hear and look for this sweets.
I would like to make your macaroon for our christmas sweets.


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