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Spitzbuben - Rascals

DEC 17 @ 09:47

by SusanneH

I have zillions of recipes for these in books with ingredient lists from here to Australia. My gran's only have only 4 ingredients in them - and they are perfect!!!

Another recipe from my Swabian grandmother

300 g flour
200 g butter
150 g powdered sugar

Hegemark/Hagebuttenmarmelade (= rosehip jam - the Swabian classic), red currant jelly (the transregional version) or other jam (jelly or minus the fruit chunks) - a 450 g jar gets me through two recipes.

Cut all ingredients except the jelly to make a dough. Roll out thinly and cut shapes. For every shape cut its twin with a hole in the middle (using a smaller cutter - the classic is a circle, but you can make them any shape you want. Stars are nice or hearts with a star shaped hole....).

Bake at 200°C (400°F) for 8-10 minutes. (once they start to take color they get dark very quickly, so keep an eye on them)

Spread the shapes without holes with jelly immediately after baking when they are still hot and cover with its twin.

The classic is dusted with more confectioners sugar for presentation. I usually don't. The picture shows both versions.

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DEC 17 @ 23:21

by chacha1103

Those look yummy! I might just have to try making them!thumbsup

DEC 18 @ 06:06

by tresham

This looks so easy!  And Yummy, too.  We have some berry jam on hand, might use that.  My daughter is keen to get some cooking under her belt before she flies the nest.  She loves biscuits, and anything sweet.  Looks easy enough for her to try too.  Thanks!big_smile

DEC 18 @ 09:03

by SusanneH

You're welcome. wink

The dough is somewhat difficult to roll out at first, but it gets better.

Don't leave it in the fridge (did that the other day because the phone rang and did not bake them till the next day.) Impossible to roll out until well kneaded with warm hands again. Just leaving the dough out was not enough.

Other than that it's really really easy. You just have to work  while they are still hot. If necessary put fewer ones on your baking sheet and make more sheets rather than big ones.
To apply the jam I find the back of a teaspoon works best, but you can use anything that works for you. big_smile

DEC 18 @ 09:18

by Cindy

yummmyyy, these are my favourite lol

great to get a recipe for them.

DEC 19 @ 09:28

by Tanya

big_smilethey look great, must try making themthumbsup

FEB 17 @ 10:48

by frizz1974

Will definately be making those biscuits...Thanks for posting it.

The shop bought ones were my fave when I was pregnant with my daughter. I also used to buy the ones that are known as Jam Tarts & make icecream sandwiches with thembig_smile

AUG 20 @ 09:44

by Salamb

I made these and they were a big hit here. Thanks so much for shring the recipe (and all the other yummy looking recipes on your blog) with us all.

I really enjoy reading your recipes - I recognise many as variants of things my grandmother made when I was small, but no-one in the family seems to know her recipes. Thanks thumbsup

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