Jamie Oliver

Allotment progress

MAY 22 @ 20:57

by Mrs Gibba

Has been ages since I posted here as I lost the link for a while.  Have just reached the first anniversary of having an allotment.

To be honest, this year has been much harder than last year in terms of growing things.  Haven't worked out why, think I might have tried to start things off too early,so when it snowed lost lots.  But we finally have the beds dug out to the desired sizes. 

The photo is of a new crop for us: asparagus.  Unfortunately, we're not going to be able to harvest it this year, which is a shame, but next year... (also, to let you know, I have weeded since taking the photo yikesopssmile

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MAY 22 @ 21:25

by foietruffledisiac

Hi Mrs G!
Beautiful sweet British asparagus next year, sounds like a plan!
Happy *A* anniversary!

Take Care!

MAY 26 @ 14:40

by Mrs Gibba

Thanks Foie

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