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Meat Oven-Cooked in Fruit Juice

MAY 24 @ 20:53

by Panos1976

This is a very simple receipe, but it will take around an hour to cook.

It serves 4

and the ingredients are :
- 1 kg Meat of your choice
(leg is a good choice for this receipe)

- 1lt Fruit Juice
(If you buy your juice ready made, choose a REAL fruit juice cocktail, not the Fruit Drink version with added sugars and a small amount of real fruit juice. Buy the natural one, your food will taste better, and won't become overly sweet. Read below for flavour suggestions)

- salt and pepper

As Jamie sais leg is always full of flavour, moving parts of the animal have the most flavour. It is also moderately priced, so you don't have to spend a fortune to cook for the family wink

Leg will also get a nice long and round shape even without you putting it on a net. (so before you proceed, you might want to put the meat into a net, you will cut the it into pieces later on)

Place the meat on a baking pan, season it and add the juice. If the meat is beef and full of collagen I tend to add an extra bit of pepper. I believe the extra heat balances the texture and flavour of the collagen.

- Pork goes well with cherries and various berry juices,
- Beef with pomegranate, even strawberries
- Lamb with orange, grapefruit and pine apple juices.

Cover it and let it cook for 20 minutes on maximum temperature. Open the oven turn the meat around and let cook for another 20 mins. Get the meat out, rip the net and cut the meat into figer-width slices. Not too thin.

Place the slices back into the juice and let it cook on medium heat for another 20 mins. Middle-way through, turn the pieces around so they get a nice colour. Turning the grill on works wonders for getting that barbeque look.

Get it out of the oven and serve it with some brown rice and accompany it with a nice salad.

You can put, the remaining liquid from the pan into a jar and keep it in the fridge. It will turn into a jelly, you could use as a light gravy on other dishes.

The flavour the meat produces is exotic and only a tiny bit sweet.

If you're cooking for yourself, you might want to store a few slices in the fridge, and for the next couple days, take them out, microwave them and enjoy.

Till the next time,
Keep it simple.

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