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Choosing from a menu

MAY 26 @ 14:51

by Mrs Gibba

Have been thinking about this topic as someone who goes to restaurants following reading DB27's post.

He said that diners were annoying when they messed about with the menu by ordering chips when the meal goes better with noodles.  I agree with him on that point.  I think that if a chef has put in serious effort into developing the menu, then it will be far more enjoyable to have it as designed, then to mess around - it probably won't go as well together and therefore your overall dining experience will be lowered - and might mean that you don't go back...

However, not all chefs are as diligent as Dave is (and others from this forum).  I'm sure we've all been to places where there is a main meal and then you have to decide veg or salad and which style of potatoes to have.  That can really annoy me - it shows that the chef has been lazy in designing the menu and not thought about what meal should taste like and whether it is balanced and goes together.  It can ruin the quality of the ingredients - however, it can also be a sign that quality products haven't been used in the first place.

So what does that mean for me - having thought about it, I think I would choose to go to a place where the chef puts in the most effort and develops a full rounded menu, rather than one where they have been lazy. Also, when choosing the courses to make sure that they flow together.  Of course, I may not be able to choose where I eat the whole time, and on those occasions, I may start sending questions to the kitchen to ask what they recommend to accompany the meal, that might start them thinking and making them passionate about the food - that can only be good for their business in the long run.

Mrs G

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