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Bings 1st chocolate cake - picture two

MAY 31 @ 00:30

by Singwhenyoubing

After leaving to cool a little though I'd see what it was like. Disaster! Really soft and runny in the middle,seems somethings gone very pear shaped! My first cake as well! sad

Any advise would be great please guys - oven not hot enough,too many eggs, not cooked for long enough? Unfortunately Nick "F" hasn't come back on the thread for further advise so I don't know how soft it is meant to be,but certainly doesn't seem right to me!

A gutted Bing! sad

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JUN 01 @ 19:58

by minerva

hello ducky,
I've read the recipe again & looked at your photo of your cake..........I can't see how that amount of ingredients cooked for only 15-20 mins could possibly have produced a "cooked" texture in a single pan. From the photo its clear that the middle hasn't "risen" indicating that it is not cooked, & that in fact it either is intended to be a "lava" cake (of which I'm not entirely convinced! or indeed cooked for the same amount of time but in ramekins) or should be cooked for about 15 mins more (either in 2 sandwich pans or at a slightly lower temperature).
Though it is difficult to say without seeing it "in the flesh" as it were! Either way, do try again, & if you ever come across a Women's Institute book of Home Baking, buy it, it will be completely fool-proof (not that I'm implying anything!:whistlesmile

JUN 02 @ 11:15

by Singwhenyoubing

Thanks for the advise Minerva,I'll certainly get back in the saddle again shortly and try another. Tasted ok though,cracking warmed up with ice cream so all was not too lost!

I blame the recipe writer for not being specific enough! whistle


MAY 06 @ 15:14

by xxbakerxxqueenx

i have just seen your post and agree. the cake hasnt cooked enough and needs to be cooked longer. to tell if u put a knife in the middle of the cake when you think it is done and the knife comes out clean then you know it is cooked but if there is cake mix on it then it isn't.

hope that helps. if it had have cooked i bet it would have been good


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