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JUL 24 @ 01:34

by Stephanie18

Dear jamie,
Hello my name is Stephanie and i am a 18 yr old girl from Australia. I have just recently watched your Fowl Dinners. I thought it was a great way on showing people what they are buying with there money.

I agree with you that caged eggs are the worst way of producing eggs and free range or organic are the way to go, even if it means people have to spend a higher price for there eggs or chicken for that matter. Your show really got me interested and keen to do more research.

I was so impressed on your Chicken Fowl Dinners that i thought it would be a great if you would make a show on how pigs are treated, the ways they are kept, it is disscusting. I actually have a pig myself and i honestly can say that he is so smart and intelligent, i know this might sound strange but pigs are very intelligent.

I have seen footage of pigs before, there in a shed on steal floors and in a pen not much bigger than themselves, when they are giving birth the pen is that small that the sow actually squishes there young and they fall out of the pen. This to me is horrible. I think that it would be a great idea to make a show, to show people how these inteligent animals are being kept.

Please Could you do something about the way pigs are being kept.

With kind regards
Stephanie Marsal

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JUL 24 @ 03:22

by Casssandra


I thought your show was FUC#*N disgusting!!!!!

I understand the point that you were trying to make but to slaughter and kill chicks yourself to prove a point makes you no better than the industries that do it!

I only saw a very small part of your show the poor little chicks being deprived of air CHOCKING THEM TO DEATH. I cannot believe that no one in that room even bothered to stop you!!! I cannot tell you how pissed off and upset I am.

Not only could I not stop crying, I cannot get such horrid images out of my head.... I am now actually considering becoming a vegetarian because I feel guilty....... for no reason. I always buy the RSPCA of everything and donate money to such organisations every year - I care more about the welfare of animals more than anyone else I know - yet now I am the one that feels guilty!

Not only will this affect everything I eat from now on but I have totally lost any respect I had for you as a chef! It is one thing to show what happens it is another to do it yourself - even if it is for shock value!

I cannot tell you how ANGRY I am, and I shouldn't have to see such horrid images in my head everytime I look for something to eat.

Don't feel that your job is done because of the effect you have had on me - because you are wrong - you have not only ruined any enjoyment I had for food but you have shown you have no humanity yourself - but hey if you wanted people talking about you - well done you - but can I ask what is on the menu for you this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Completely disguisted & appalled,

Victoria, Australia

JUL 24 @ 04:06

by Ruby Davey


I am really impressed to see someone with such fame moving the spotlight onto some important issues. I was shocked at what I saw on Fowl Dinners, but I was glad to see it. I make an enormous effort to purchase organic (at least free range) food for my family, so I was even more certain of my decision to do so. People knew what they were in for when they watched your show, so if they didn't want to see death they could have switched it off.
Society today has made it too easy for people to be completely ignorant of the consequences of their decisions. Honestly, if you can't bear the sight of an animal being killed, THEN DON'T EAT MEAT! If you can't bear the sight of children being exploited for slave labour, then don't buy the associated products. Knowledge is an important tool that is missing these days. It helps people make better choices.

Without putting too much preasure on you Jamie, I think you could make a series of this. Pigs, I agree, are very intelligent and are clearly miserable in a battery environment. Fish are so poorly harvested that many species are on the brink of extinction. Pesticides from conventional plant growth are obviously doing more harm than good (but not in the eyes of the chemical companies making millions). And this is just food! Not to mention the damages caused by oil, coal, timber, antibiotics, etc. 

It upsets me that people are angry with you for killing chickens, the anger should be directed at the very issue you were exposing. Hopefully the majority of viewers will agree.

Thank you for making more than just a cooking show,

Ruby Davey
Canberra, Australia

JUL 24 @ 04:57

by Amber

My name is Amber and I'm from Perth.  The sad fact is the chicken eventually loses its life and NOT always humanely (the only humane way for an animal to die is of natural causes) as shown on the show.  Each day in Perth alone, 300,000 chickens are killed.  Nobody in their right mind can tell me that this many chickens are killed humanely, slaughterers lack compassion and I know as I live next door to one.  If you had shown the slaughtering process of say 300,000 chickens then maybe today there wouldn't be a need for as many chicks to be born/killed and then perhaps your light would have shone more brightly Jamie.  I was shocked and very disappointed Jamie when you killed the chicken.  You are a great chef, but what point is there in being a great chef if you lack compassion (you couldn't have killed the chicken if your heart was full of compassion).

Hi Stephanie from message above.  Have you been to 'AnimalsAustralia.org' site?  They are doing wonderful things to help the pigs and all animals.  They might be interested in the above picture as it is very clear on making their plight known.
Keep on caring!

JUL 24 @ 05:20

by ralph

   I was shattered by the fact that channel 10 thought that we cant show tits and arse on tv but they can show some one killing chicks because they were male?

in regard to your comments Ruby, you do make a valid point although as for if you dont like seeing it dont eat it, does this come under the same for everything in life? mad
only because you banged on about oil and coal ets, and yet used these products to send your blog.roll
People like you dissapoint me in the fact that you use these products, ny the sound of it you slaughter your own food and possibly grow your own weed???
get of the drugs love, people know that that is how food gets on our tables, they really dont want to see it happen! My opinion is that maybe Jamie should come and have a look at out meat suppliers and do a show on that! Just to see the comparison and to prove a point to these disgruntled viewers that we do it differently in aus!
Further more I really hope that you dont have electricity,functionable plumbing, a car, house, been ill or education, etc  Ruby because all that coal, oil, timber and antibiotics have given you these, and made people and animals healthier ! Remember what these fuels have done for the human race and what we could be like without them!evil

Jamie.... dissapointed with you!
                 more so channel 10mad

JUL 24 @ 06:14

by michelle

Cassandra.... So silly of you to be so angry. It's just the way it is. It's the hard, naked, truth. Meet your meat. If you cried while watching the program than you were clearly moved. Go vegan! Eat good fresh organic food, and make a small everyday effort in choosing what you buy. It may seem minimal, but we are ever so slowly changing the standards. 
Woo hoo Jamie! Keep it up!
~ Michelle

JUL 24 @ 06:24

by Sarah

Dear Jamie,
Hi I am from Australia and watched your television show Chicken Fowl Dinners. I was so upset to see the way that the chickens are treated and I have to admit that I sat there crying as I watched all of the baby chickens dying. I am vegan and do not eat eggs yet I always like to aquire as much information about these subjects as possible.

I really want to congratulate you for your effort to bring awareness to the general public in the way in which animals are being treated. I know that you killed the chicken on television and it was very traumatic to watch. I am sure that in some way you are justifying and taking responsibility for your actions to eat meat. And I do think that this is a very brave step as most people in this day and age would never kill their meat and it comes so pre packaged in the supermarket that the trauma surrounding the animals life and death of which they are eating is somehow forgotten along the way to the supermarket and I am positive that many large corporations wish for it to remain this way.

I think that the food we eat can be used as a wonderful form of preventative medicine and that people really need to step up to the plate and become educated on good nutrition. I actually wanted to let you know about the book by Colin Campball called "The China Study". It is the most comprehensive study on nutrition ever conducted and largely looks into the relationship between diet and the risk of developing disease. In my opinion it’s one of the best and most important books on diet and nutrition ever written. I really think you may enjoy it and it may expose even more truths to you on your health and what you eat.

In the meantime take care


JUL 24 @ 08:19

by Sarah

Dear Jamie
My name is Sarah and i'm from Melbourne. Your Fowl Dinners program was aired here last night and i wasn't sure if i wanted to watch it, i knew it would make me upset to see the full extent to how the animals are treated and i had the oppinion that ignorance is bliss but I'm glad now that i did.
Although i agree with some of the earlier posts that it was quite shocking to see it presented that way i think you did a good thing, people needed to be shocked that way to take a stand for what is right.
I knew that things could be bad with the chickens but i had no idea as to the extent and I can safely say that I am definately making sure from now on that the chicken I buy will be free range or organic! I wasn't even aware that the chicken in the fridge section of the supermarket was caged!
You have definately achieve awareness through this television program, even those at school that hadn't seen the program couldn't get away from the facts you shared as everyone was talking about it.

Your program on obesity was also recently shown here and that was also quite confronting! Though I was a little dissapointed in my younger sister, after watching your program she requested a sausage roll for lunch the next day!
The autopsy in particulare was a real eye opener to the effects of an unhealthy diet and lack of excersise.
I would like to comend you on your work and i would love to see more from you, no preasure or anything!
Well Done, I hope that you are proud!

JUL 24 @ 08:21

by Vicky Coles

Dear Jamie,
I am a 27yr old from Syndey, who lives on a farm & have many animals. I watched your show last night on the chickens & I thought that it was great what you are trying to tell people. Its about time.
I was also going to suggest the same thing which Stephanie suggested above, regarding the pig industry.
I recently joined up with Animals Australia, who are trying everthing in their power to stop these poor, inhumane practices like: the battery hens, the piggeries & the transport of our livestock to other countries (sheep, cattle, etc).
It is a fact that we do eat meat, but how our meat is kept prior to the killing should be considered very deeply. I would prefer to know that the animal in which I am eating has had a good life. Not mistreated or with problems - like the chickens which were too heavy to keep on standing up, because the food which they are fed makes them grow way too fast to support them.
Can you also do a segment for our sheep, cattle, etc which die in large numbers, too get shipped to other countries. This is very cruel to these animals. They do not deserve to die like this.
Please keep going with this message. It is the best thing that you can do.
Go Jamie!!!!


JUL 24 @ 09:26

by Shopping Today

Hello Jamie Oliver,

Today i went shopping for food, and at the deli i asked for Free Ranged Chickens, and the lady said 20 people all ready have asked for Free Ranged Chicknes. Last Night Your Show about chickens was Aired on Australian TV. Well Done mate smile You have changed everyones mind about buy chicken smile Good Job smilesmilesmilesmilesmile

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