Jamie Oliver

Cookbooks - how many is too many?

AUG 14 @ 06:56

by SherylS

I have been accused of owning to many of the good old cookbooks. How many is too many? Is there ever too many? Also what is your favourite cookbook Jamie or otherwise ( mine is Jamie's Dinners). Please give me your feedback and answer my quest for the truth!!

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SEP 30 @ 14:00

by Sherrilee

Looks like my bookshelf!

OCT 12 @ 04:23

by Mayer

Never is enought... ;DD~
specially if you like kind of that...
I have a dream...have so many books (all kind of) as I can...I imagine myself in a rolling stairs running throw the bookshelves...aUAhuaHAuaHAuaU crazy isn't it?
But it's true...
So...I started to write...cool! ^^
And that's amazing...

I started to watch Jamie Oliver...last year...or this years...To soon!!
But I liked so much...and more than anything I'd like to try his recipes... big_smile
I'm just waiting the right time to do it... ;P

Congratz for your collection!!

MAY 23 @ 08:34

by Grandmadamada

my kitchen library is in my bedroom, I like reading recipes before I fall asleep ..... if I do not decide to go into the kitchen and eat somethingwinkhmmlol

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