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A typical picking from my allotment

SEP 14 @ 16:56

by Mrs Gibba

Hi,  this is a couple of week's old now, but thought it worthwhile sharing with you to show you the variety of crop that is now coming out of my allotment:

The picture contains: big pink banana squash; white cabbage, courgette, blackberries, broad beans, climbing green beans, peas, runner beans, and beetroot.

I've been getting bags of produce this size over once a week - enough to keep the two of us going for sure.

My allotment is the size of a half plot - a full plot is supposed to feed a family of four, so for the two of us that it more than enough - plus, I haven't got the time to do any more.

I'll be back with some further produce examples.
Mrs G smile

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SEP 14 @ 18:02

by Sabs

Pretty amazing! I remember when you just started with the allotment.
Great work.thumbsup

SEP 14 @ 21:07

by foietruffledisiac

Hi There wave!!
Wow, that's fantastic! Well done! I too remember when you first got your allotment. Looking forward to more of your produce examples! Take care!

Lot's Of LOVE To You!

P.S. I can hope that we can meet up again at some point???

SEP 14 @ 21:53

by assmark

green) yellow)

SEP 30 @ 13:02

by Mrs Gibba

Thanks guys

Foie - defo, perhaps you can persuade Pete to invite us all to another podcast recording???

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