Jamie Oliver

Blackberry Apple Pie from JAH

SEP 21 @ 15:48

by SusanneH

I have not tried it yet (it's still a bit hot), but thought I'd share the picture already. No matter what it will taste like, this is the best looking pie that has ever left my oven.

And it smells so good!!!

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SEP 21 @ 16:23

by madamada

es riecht gut bis hier!

it smells good till hier


SEP 21 @ 17:52

by MsPablo

That's a beauty!  Bon appetite!

SEP 21 @ 18:20

by SusanneH

Thank you ladies for the nice comments wave

By now I have tried my first piece and it is wonderful! :yummy:

Only next time I would add more blackberries and maybe a little more ginger, only because I have a decided weakness for both. whistle

SEP 22 @ 13:55

by SusanneH

Well, it is even better today after flavors blending for a day. Would not add more ginger now, but still more blackberries - just love then :yummy:

NOV 22 @ 23:09

by dukegus

Amazing! What is in it? I wish I had a piece...smile

SEP 16 @ 18:49


yum yum!
I am going to give this a try tomorrow... but I may have to substitute the blackberries with some other berry fruit. I hope mine looks as good as yours!! Wish me luck!big_smile

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