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batt hens

SEP 26 @ 00:46

by wendywoo007

Hi everyone to be truefull im new to this, i love jamie, and love the drive he has. i really have a problem with the way chickens are kept, so much so i went and brought 4 and have them at home, and wen i go shoping with my kids one 6 and one 4 they say we dont have to buy eggs mum do we, and somethimes u will get the odd person say oh why not. and of course i dont have to say anything the kids say it all. dont get me wrong i live yeah ok a det 5 bed house but it dosent have really any garden as such, but after letting the chickens run free for the first 2 weeks and i went out to put some wine in the fridge in the garg and nearly feel arse over tit, my best friend fenced off a bit of my garden for my lovely girls, do u no ive got 4 children and had my hens now 6 or so months but my kid (the younger one of course) every morning go out and get the eggs like it was the first morning, when we got the hens they were to young and yes me and my husband did thing of getting an egg out the fridge and putting it in the cop. but we didnt and oh the first morning that chickin layed that first egg was great. we fryed it and all 6 of us had a bit lol and to this day my kids still get dressed and up for school and go out and get the eggs. its really great...i wud really say to anyone u dont need much land they are happy just with a bit 4 by 4 and a rabbit hutch to sleep in at night. please dont buy smart price eggs or value eggs the chickens they come from live 1 year and after the have lived on a a4 peice of papper they are minced for dog and cat food at just 1 years of age, not good really think u only need a small garden and a shed and think about the money u wud be saving in the long run as each chicken is 12.00 u wud never need to buy anymore eggs i havent please think about it guy......

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SEP 26 @ 08:02

by The White Rabbit

Welcome to the forums/blogs

Good for you and your chickens

Quick tip: type the words out properly and use more puncuation. This will make your posts easier to read and people will be more likely to read them rather than giving up in the first sentance.

SEP 26 @ 08:35

by frizz1974

Wendy, its not just you..

I have to read, and re re-read my posts before submitting as my typing is soooo bad..

Im a 2 finger & thumb typer.  Im quick, but have shockingly bad accuracy, and I almost never use capitols in a first draft... I have to go back & make most of the "i" into capitols or "i" would be a mess.

Looking forward to your next post

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