Jamie Oliver

Ye Olde McPudd

OCT 01 @ 23:19

by Singwhenyoubing

Mix all the ingredients and the tea together and leave overnight- with hot tea you can get away leaving for 2 hours.
Now have a glass or two of wine.
Then add 2 eggs (free-range organic eggs from your own coup, or some from Tesco’s up the road!
Add the brown self-raising flour (despite the name of this stuff, I have found you still have to lift it out of the packet).

Mix it up well so it is a big stodgy mess then put it in the tins. If you use paper liners you will miss the paper liner with the first spoonful and get the mixture in between the tin and the liner at this point and start swearing.
Place in the oven at gas mark 4 or 180 if you have one of those electric things for 1 ½ hours. Cover it with foil or you will burn the top.
Retire for more wine.
Once done, remove and put on a grill if you have one to cool, but if you prick the top and pour on Whiskey or Brandy it tastes much better!
Toast the Mcpudd with whatever you poured on top.
Easy this cooking lark…..

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OCT 02 @ 05:09

by Luvmegrub

Dear Mr Bing,

This looks like my kind of recipe - slap it all together and bung it in the oven with nice glass of Australia's finest wine-in-a-box to keep the cooking process on track big_smile

Would it be best served as a pudding with cream & custard, or could you have it when cool, sliced up with a nice slathering of butter on it?

Love the posh presentation - were you expecting her maj for tea?


OCT 03 @ 15:59

by MsPablo

Bing, this looks professional.  Now, Luvmegrub and I want our money in cash . . .  seriously, I made this cake and I will make it again and try dilluted honey in place of tea, just for kicks!  Thanks for the recipe!

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