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torta di scannello

OCT 04 @ 11:56

by madamada

mix all ingedients, let stay for 1 hour, put in a baking dish with a veil of olive oil underneath and a"giro d'olio" over
put into oven al massimo 200° ?? for 10/15 min.

all dosis and method as well as tempo di cottura (cooking time) is left to the wise choice of the cook

it's many years I did not do this ..... you can see my good intentions in the pic

speriamo bene let us hope it turns out something edible


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OCT 04 @ 13:48

by Sabs

Inspiring as always!thumbsup

OCT 04 @ 13:52

by madamada

I'm not sure I had already posted it somewhere, if so yikesops:wink

OCT 04 @ 22:51

by Ashen

that is a different take on meatloaf that I will have to give a try soon.. it looks great. :yummy:

OCT 05 @ 10:20

by madamada

I'm sure you like it with garlic, the original recipe I received by an old relative of mine came from Reggio Emilia and had garlic in it.

ciao buona domenica

OCT 10 @ 09:06

by dukegus

Like a very big meatball? The garlic is always nice in with minced meat...

Where I come from, Epirus they make everything in pies with fyllo pastry mainly because it was a poor part of Greece.

In Ioaninna, a very beautiful and quite traditional town, with a lake, they make the same recipe, put around the meat they put fyllo pastry. It is called something like meat-pie. They had meat there so they were not that poor tongue

FEB 02 @ 15:18

by Grandmadamada

I must add something after many years I posted this recipe, I did it today adding garlic and nutmeg aswell and it made a very tasty sunday secondo after gnocchi with sage and butter sauce. I googled to find out what scannello could be and found it's fesa interna .... find out more if you like

buna domenica (so happy my old blog as madamada is still there to help me iehhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!) grazie JObig_smilethumbsup

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