Jamie Oliver

love life

OCT 20 @ 10:55

by geelong

Not much of a writer i have 2 kids lots of animals and i sure i use to have Hobbies
i dont seem to have time any more but i will find them again one day.smile

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OCT 20 @ 10:59

by Allora Andiamo

lol know how you feel...i used to paint, dance and make all sorts of things but don't seem to have the time anymore. i have the feeling the older i get, the less time i have to myself...hmmmust be doin something wrong !

OCT 20 @ 12:49

by madamada

ma no ma no ma no

doing things for others and dream to have time for you makes you use little time splinters (???) at the best.
Having little time and dreaming are wonderful ingredients, make a good use of them

OCT 22 @ 13:49

by Rohroh

Hi there geelong...wave

Thanks for visiting my blog - it's my first and am getting carried away by it all!! - though a very positive experience...

My father's family lived in Victoria for at least three generations - Nathalia, Wyuna and Kitupna are all names I remember him speaking of - loved my dad's stories of his childhood - he came back to Co.Tyrone as a boy and that's where I was born, now living in Belfast.

Stay in touch! smile

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