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"Tigania" or fried pork my grandma's way

OCT 26 @ 09:27

by dukegus

Ok, this recipe is the way my grandma makes it. My grandma was raised in a village in Epirus called Miliana. They didn't have much to eat and when every christmas they slaughter a pig, they used to cut it in pieces and store it in a very big tin. They used the fat of the pork as a conservative and the pork used to last all year long. Sometimes, in happy occasions or when guests came they made this dish. There are different recipes from all over Greece, with peppers, celery, onion, garlic in it but that's the way my nona made it in old times. It is not very healthy but if you use cut that has not much fat and you use extra virgin olive oil then it becomes a lot healthier.

Not too much to describe here, I would like to point out that the picture is the healthier version.


Cut the pork in bite sized pieces. smile


Put a big pan on high heat and add some water in it. As much as to be evaporated in 4-5 minutes. Put the pork. After it starts boiling, some foam will appear, skim it, it's just fat.

After the water evaporated, add about 2 Tbsp of olive oil and cook in medium heat depending the size of the pieces. Add salt and pepper too.

After cooking, remove from heat and add to the oil and fat liquid, add the lemon juice of 4 lemons. Then add a generous amount of oregano, more that you would add naturally.

If you want it healthier eat just he pork pieces. If you want to get a bit more adventurous, just try dipping a piece of good sour bread on the olive oil, pork fat, oregano and lemon juice...

At old times, there was no olive oil were my nona grew up, so they used the fat of the pig to make this dish. So it needed quite much oregano, because oregano has quite a lot of fiber and helps for digesting any kind of fat. The lemon juice's acidity helps too so don't afraid to use a bit more especially if you want to eat some of the liquid oil and fat.

The picture is the healthier version, no olive oil to dip bread in...I know it's nothing special but it's my nonas recipe so I hope you try it!

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OCT 26 @ 10:10

by madamada


tell your nonna her recipe is stored in my archivio

I like cooking with lemon juice and I like this kind of "quality recipes", this is what makes us improve our knowledge, simple clear particolari with a thick juicy tasteful slice of history ..... bravo duke and clap clap to your nonna


OCT 27 @ 19:27

by Ashen

excellent dukegus  It looks delicious.. sometimes the simplest oldtime recipes are the best .

OCT 28 @ 01:59

by dukegus

Thx for the replies guys(and girls smile )!
I will soon post one of my favorites, a pie with herbs and other greens but it needs phyllo pastry so I have to learn how to make it first smile

NOV 11 @ 13:13

by madamada

It's not difficult, it's the pastry you use for apple strudel after all,
300 gr. white flour 00
6 tbsp luke warm water
4 tbsp olive oil
2 egg whites
a pinch of salt

indicatively this, (you can double the amounts if you need more phyllo pastry to wrap sweetof salty stuffings into

knead till elastic and silky, leave it on the board where you work and cover with hot dry pan, where you boiled a little water, you throw away big_smile, let it rest for half an hour.
Meanwhile you prepare vegs or fruits or whatever you have to put inside, then stretch with thin long rolling pin without pressing against the board, flour the surfaces and your hands and if you dare stretch it in the air on your fists letting it enlarge by the effect of its own wieight, while you make it turn by each side.

good luck, I'wavem sure you succeed in doing it

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