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sourdough surplus

OCT 27 @ 08:56

by madamada

instead of throwing away what you do not need of your sourdough after a rinfresco, add the above ingredients and rollpin it as thin as you can. Put into ventilated oven at 200° for 10 minutes

your kitchen will be invaded by appetizing scents

I'd like to have an "in-spiring" emotion face here to paste to show what I meanbig_smile

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OCT 27 @ 16:02

by SusanneH

I would love to make them, but aren't you adding any flour?

OCT 27 @ 17:56

by madamada

yes just a bit, on the board to "spianare" (roll out?? is this the word you use  with rolling pin?) the dough

I add 150 gr of flour and 70 of water for rinfresco to the sticking  to the bowl sourdough, the next day I take away that amount ( 200 gr ungefaehr)and stretching it I can cover my oven tray (I use for pizza


OCT 27 @ 22:00

by SusanneH

Now I see.... !
Rolling out is right. (ausrollen) big_smile

I will try this some time (constantly have too much)

OCT 27 @ 22:11

by madamada

I'm in doubt if to make pizza with sourdough as well, the first attempts were diastrosi, and the time you have to wait for it to rise are too long.
What do you think about it

OCT 28 @ 14:17

by SusanneH

Pizza does not sound like a likely thing to do with sourdough really. But I am still experimenting really.... You could ask Maree in the sourdough for mavericks thread. She might have more ideas too big_smile

OCT 28 @ 16:06

by madamada

I have given up and gone back on my steps tonight I'll make pizza with bought ready yeast from my baker whistle for the joy of my familiarilol I hope

NOV 06 @ 11:09

by dukegus

Well baker's yeast is a 100% success so if you don't have time...

What I would suggest for pizza dough is to make it with cold water, a bit watery 320+gr water for 500 gr of flour(250 plain, 250 semolina), knead it and then refrigerate for 2-3 days.
It will be very very tasty!! When you make the pizza, flour the dough very well and cut it into pieces that will make the dough ball for each pizza. Roll it and wait 30+ minutes, top it and bake it at 250 C.
I made it once like this and I'm never making it anyway else I think!

NOV 09 @ 21:31

by madamada

grazie for your suggerimenti dukegus, I'll try as you say with bought ready yeast for pizza, and at the end I must find my way of making pizza without experimenting all the time.wavebig_smile

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