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Spice rack

OCT 30 @ 22:18

by SusanneH

On special request a pic of my spice rack. The pepper mills aren't on there (too high) and salt I keep next to the stove.
The colors did not turn out very well (flash photography with dodgy digital camera), but you'll get the idea. It's on a piece of wall that is only that narrow between springing back on the left (for a window) and coming in a bit on the right.

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OCT 30 @ 23:14

by madamada

My imagination and fantasia would never arrive to that. Grazie Susanne, now I feel less guilty occupying a little space in our kitchen with my quattro spezie, on the contrary i will take out and put in bella mostra all the others relegate in a plastic bag .............. maybe if one sees them they could be used

ciao, let's wait for those of abdul now eheheh

OCT 31 @ 00:28

by frizz1974

Madamada, you should store them in aitight glass jars, preferably out of the light.

That looks really cool... I might try to find some of those.. I have a weird space in my kitchen. I am always looking for inspiration for that spot

OCT 31 @ 07:21

by madamada

sìsi frizz, they are in their glass jars, and in a plastic bag, but now they will come out, not in the light you say???? ok let's see. I like susanneh's super spezie show


OCT 31 @ 08:46

by Allora Andiamo

my spice rack definately doesn't look as tidy as yours lol sometimes when i cook, i run around the kitchen like a headless chicken, just throwing the spices/herbs back on the shelf (somewhere,anywhere !!??) . the next time i need them, i can't find them and go out and buy a new one roll hubby lovingly nicknamed me 'Captain Chaos' and i certainly live up to my nameyikesops:

OCT 31 @ 13:46

by SusanneH

Allora, my OH never finds things on mine, because except for the big ones (that only fit on top) they have no specific places. The spot is semi dark, because it is sort of in front of the window.
The three tiered racks are from IKEA. I bought 3 and screwed them on together.

When I buy spices in bigger bags (which I do with things I use a lot) I only put some in the little jars and close the bags tightly to store them in the cupboard. I have a box there where I just throw them in. But after having to search a lot in the old kitchen I wanted my spices somewhere where I can grab them all quickly. That odd bit of wall was ideal big_smile

NOV 22 @ 23:09

by dukegus

Could you name the spices? I want to see if I miss any important spice! I must upload a photo of my spice rack too!

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