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Sourdough crackers madamada style

NOV 09 @ 18:09

by SusanneH

I was trying to make madamada's sourdough crackers http://www.jamieoliver.com/bloggers/vie … p?id=36860 , but of course had no recipe or notes in my kitchen, so I did them a little differently.
These here are with sesame and black onion (niguilla) seeds. A batch with sesame and caraway is on it's way wink

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NOV 09 @ 18:59

by madamada


I've been promoted crackers' stylist onoratissima

NOV 09 @ 19:59

by SusanneH

They are lovely. (I forgot they olive oil though)
I wish I had a dip of sorts to have with them - they would be my supper big_smile

Without the dip I just keep snacking away on them wink They would make awesome party snacks too!

NOV 09 @ 21:16

by madamada

eheheh Susanne once you have started you'll never end and if you stop you miss them in your kitchen.
The next step will be making grissini stirati, if I remember well the dough must be much more loose and there is the rising time inbetween.
crackers are undoubtedly rapidissimi to obtain and to finish uplol

NOV 22 @ 23:05

by dukegus

I want to start too madamada!! They look amazing Susanne!

DEC 23 @ 08:37

by frizz1974

I bought some nigella seeds recently (cant get them locally so they were a Oh my god I have heard of those" purchase) but I didnt have a recipe for them.. I may just have to try these...

leaves to look at madamada's blogspot


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