Jamie Oliver

Easy Tabouleh with couscous & corriander

NOV 26 @ 11:15

by Birdymum

I like this as it is easy to prepare and I can make extra couscous for the kids that don't like the salad.

1 Bunch Mint
½ Bunch Parsley
¼ Bunch Coriander
¼ Small finely chopped onion or few spring onions
½ Lebanese Cucumber
3 Roma Tomatoes seeds removed
1 Cup couscous
2 Chicken Stock Cubes and 1/2 Liter boiling water or 1/2 liter stock
(Edit)That should have been half a liter liquid.
Extra Water if needed depending on the brand of couscous
½ Lemon Juiced
½ Lime Juiced
Oil (Olive or other salad oil)

Prepare couscous with the hot water or stock, fluff up with a fork and leave to cool down to room temperature.
Chop all herbs and vegetables.
Mix everything together, adjust lemon juice, lime juice & oil according to your own taste then refrigerate till needed.

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NOV 26 @ 12:33

by madamada

i like your foto and all those colorsbig_smile

NOV 26 @ 15:14

by runneralps

your recipe is very good my friend, and very healthy as i can see. I suggest not not use other oil exept extra virgin (Greek) olive oil.Anyway i have toi ask you what is Roma  tomatoes?

NOV 27 @ 00:22

by Birdymum

roma tomato is a long meaty variety of tomato, not too many seeds, when ripe they are full of rich flavour. A lot of places sell them when they have not been ripened properly before picking which can be disappointing. They should be that rich tomato colour and firm with a little give not hard to touch.
This web address to the seed catalogue should help.
http://www.yates.com.au/products/seeds/ … mato-roma/
that last bit should read tomato-roma/

NOV 27 @ 00:26

by Birdymum

my favourite oil is macadamia nut oil, but it is not good in this one, I really don't care for olive oil as much as other people do, though it is supposed to be so good for you.

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