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Easy Tabouleh with couscous & corriander

NOV 26 @ 11:15

by Birdymum

I like this as it is easy to prepare and I can make extra couscous for the kids that don't like the salad.

1 Bunch Mint
Bunch Parsley
Bunch Coriander
Small finely chopped onion or few spring onions
Lebanese Cucumber
3 Roma Tomatoes seeds removed
1 Cup couscous
2 Chicken Stock Cubes and 1/2 Liter boiling water or 1/2 liter stock
(Edit)That should have been half a liter liquid.
Extra Water if needed depending on the brand of couscous
Lemon Juiced
Lime Juiced
Oil (Olive or other salad oil)

Prepare couscous with the hot water or stock, fluff up with a fork and leave to cool down to room temperature.
Chop all herbs and vegetables.
Mix everything together, adjust lemon juice, lime juice & oil according to your own taste then refrigerate till needed.

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NOV 26 @ 12:33

by madamada

i like your foto and all those colorsbig_smile

NOV 26 @ 15:14

by runneralps

your recipe is very good my friend, and very healthy as i can see. I suggest not not use other oil exept extra virgin (Greek) olive oil.Anyway i have toi ask you what is Roma  tomatoes?

NOV 27 @ 00:22

by Birdymum

roma tomato is a long meaty variety of tomato, not too many seeds, when ripe they are full of rich flavour. A lot of places sell them when they have not been ripened properly before picking which can be disappointing. They should be that rich tomato colour and firm with a little give not hard to touch.
This web address to the seed catalogue should help.
http://www.yates.com.au/products/seeds/ … mato-roma/
that last bit should read tomato-roma/

NOV 27 @ 00:26

by Birdymum

my favourite oil is macadamia nut oil, but it is not good in this one, I really don't care for olive oil as much as other people do, though it is supposed to be so good for you.

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