Jamie Oliver

Stella 9 weeks old

DEC 06 @ 17:20

by choc chops


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DEC 06 @ 17:53

by MsPablo


DEC 06 @ 19:15

by Mamma Carla

She deserves a lot of love and will give back to you so much more.She's adorable!!wave

DEC 06 @ 22:58

by Kye

lucky you and lucky her, she's lovelysmile

DEC 07 @ 01:50

by Rohroh

aw...little sweetie...wave

DEC 07 @ 03:50

by shammrok

Lovely girl. Take lots of pics, they grow so fast!smile

DEC 07 @ 11:12

by hoppershaun


DEC 08 @ 20:44

by foietruffledisiac

Awwwwwwwwwwww, she is GORGEOUS!!!!
I want one!!!!
Happy EVERYTHING to the whole gang!


MAR 19 @ 17:46

by Singwhenyoubing

Wish she was that small now. It's like coming home to Cujo lately!


APR 02 @ 15:20

by DebDiMaggio

I think I have over 1200 photos of my doggies since they were pups, labradors are always up to so many cheeky things..... she's gorgeous!! xx

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