Jamie Oliver

Pain surprise

DEC 17 @ 10:21

by Kye

Pain surprise 6-8 personnes ( Surprise bread ) Open or closed, see the images.

One big country bread of 1kg in the shape of a bomb ( made the day before )
200g goats cheese
2 slices ham
2 or 4 slices dried ham ( bayonne )
200g soft butter
200g roquefort butter ( 100g soft butter + 50g-75g roquefort ) – mix the two elements together, roll the paste lengthways  and roll in silver paper, keep in the fridge until cool. Then make slices.
1 large ribbon

Slice the hat off
With a long fine knife cut around the outskirts of the soft bread
Incise the bread at its base, and slide the knife horizontlly so as to cut the bread and take it out in one block.
Ease away the bread all around its side with your hands.
Take out the whole block
Cut the cylinder of bread in two and in 8-10 slices each half cylinder
At the same time you fill the sandwiches, replace them in their mould, so as not to end up with a jiq-saw at the end.
Put the hat back on
Tie a ribbon around its middle

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