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Some Christmas present stories

DEC 17 @ 15:49

by whitedog

Earth Song

The Gift

        Once upon a time there was a little boy who loved to play among the stars, and when he was tired he slept on their tails. And when he had a dream he liked, he'd shine it into the palm of his hand and put it in his pocket.
        He dreamt of................................gnats with the minds of emperors; meteors that left fields of grain in their paths; an old fig that told the funniest jokes and pulled roses and blueberries out of the air; birds that became ships that sailed to exotic lands; musicians that played the most beautiful music on glass calliopes in a blizzard of cornflowers; a clear rock that softly sang the secrets of the universe while floating in an egg, that rested in a shell, that stayed in the cave of a white bear named Ollo, who loved daisies grapes and the songs of all birds.
       Almost every morning the boy was known to put something shiny in his pocket, until not one more would fit, even though it was such a little one about a speck that liked to grow potatoes. He ran to his friend the Night for advice.
      " Well," said the Night, " What have you got there. Yes, I see, well, of course you want to hold onto those. Hmmmmm. Oh, I know, you need a satchel. Go see if the Late Afternoon has one, for that is what puts most things away." And smiled and nodded his head.
       The little boy walked carefully with his bulging pockets and his dream cupped in his hands to the loft of the Late Afternoon.
       " Uhuh," said the Late Afternoon," And what do intend to give me in return for my lovely little bag?" , for he had a bag of the finest mulsin of all the colors of the rainbow woven in two layers, though it seemed very light and always blue; a perfect place to keep ones favorite dreams.
       The boy was caught short. All he had were his dreams, none of which he could part with; someone might as well ask for one of his eyes or a piece of his heart.
      The Late Afternoon was not unreasonable and made an offer, " If you promise to store your precious collection with me for one day of every year, I'll give you my bag."
      " Which day?" he asked.
      " My festival day."
      That sounded important.
      " Okay." he said. And the bag with its special cargo was securely fastened to his waist with a small rope, and the boy went off to play.

     All too soon, the little boy noticed grand chariots of star dust and brilliant water in clear jugs and fruit were traveling in the direction of the Late Afternoon, and he began to regret his agreement. To part with his bag for even an hour would be the worst torment imaginable. What should he do? He ran in the direction of the chariots, but arrived at the threshold just at the beginning of the festival day.
     " I see you've kept your bargain" said the elegant host, and swept the bag from the boy. But it was a hasty gesture and the bag flew from his grasp and rolled ever faster down a slope and into the Stream of Life, which on festival days flowed more swiftly than usual. Fast as the boy and the Late Afternoon ran, the stream flowed faster, and soon the bag was out of sight.
       It flew along, dancing on the ripples, until it washed up on the shores of the MIlky Way and was noticed there by a lovely yellow star, which picked it up and put it on its tail to dry. But it was so used to playing with the little boy, and had soaked up so much life from the stream that it began to dance and twirl around the star.
      All marveled at the magic of its surface of all colors that turned to blue, and its lightness and its joy. None knew what it contained, but all thought it beautiful.
      " I will call it Earth, " said the star, " after the goddess of special dreams." And word passed quickly of the star and its little friend.
      When the little boy heard, he gasped and dried his eyes and ran to the loft of the Late Afternoon. They hugged each other and laughed together for they knew that something truly great and wondeful had happened, and a gift to all things.
      Just then God looked out accross the heavens and smiled for all was as it should be.

The Wish

       Once upon a time there was a little girl who had no mother and no father, but because she loved the flowers and the trees, she was never lonely, and because she loved the sky and the rain and the wind and the earth, she was protected, and because she was never lonely and always protected, the animals of the air and the earth and the water trusted her and became her friends, too.
       One night, a star looked down and saw the little girl asleep in the bed the long grasses and leaves had made for her and wept for joy for all the love that surrounded her and bent down and gently woke the child and asked her if there was a wish she had more special than any other in order to grant it.
      " Yes," she said, " I had a dream that all the children and their mothers and fathers loved each other all the time, because they loved the rain and the sky and the earth and the wind and all the sea, and so were protected by them, and they loved the flowers and the trees which nurtured them, and because of their gentleness and trustworthiness, they made friends of all the animals. The world became a paradise and rang a shimmering path around the sun which shone more beautifully and reflected a new brightness on the glistening moon. A sigh then passed through all that is and peace and truth dwelt everywhere. It was my most favorite dream and is my most special wish."
      The star paused, such a vast wish was not expected, but if as much as possible of the first part could be accomplished, the rest might follow.
      " That is a worthy wish. I'll do my best to grant it." said the star, and shone a many colored light of all the love of all the children and their mothers and fathers, of all the trees and flowers, and of all the animals of the Earth, and a great relief passed through the world.
       And as the star returned to its loft in the heavens, an awakening filtered around it. The star known as the sun was shining with a new light. And there was a sigh. The star closed its eyes and shuddered, all was quiet, as peace and truth were welcomed everywhere.

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DEC 18 @ 00:10

by whitedog

I have illustrated them too. Thanks so so so much!! I have made them into first small and lately tiny books with colorful covers. Theres one more that I want to put with them here. It's alittle more far out. Thanks for encouraging me, AC. There are 5 in all. I hope some day to publish together. I am working on longer ones but they won't be ready for a while.

Sometimes when I read myself I sound just like this character on CSI who is so obnoxious. Hodges. It drives me nuts.

DEC 19 @ 01:38

by whitedog

I hope you like the 2 others I intend to put up as much. I'll try to post the illustrations too, they're very simple line drawings.

JAN 11 @ 18:20

by whitedog

Have 2 more. One is too riskee for here I guess, hm, but the other I might risk. Its the one I'm leatst confident about but maybe ...will try it out anyway, have some courage.

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