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A Solstice present story

DEC 24 @ 16:22

by whitedog

The Little Story

        "What posessed you to burn a log?"

        "No, there was this tree, half of which had been dead for years, that got blown down in a hurricane; when it fell, it hit very hard and broke into alot of pieces, and when lightening hit near by, this log, which was in the shape of lips, burst into flames and moved as it burned forming the words: Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaayeeeeeeeeeehmmmmmmmmmm------------------------------------------------------------
         The lips then seemed to close to a smile and then blow a kiss and the smile got bigger until it was this Big Wild open mouthed laughing SMILE. And then it began to tell a little story: I knew a fox in the country where I was born. It was there I made a little friend who loved squirrels. His name was Rodney. Rodney loved squirrels, his passtime was studying their mating and eating habits, their conversations and looks and whereabouts in terms of habitat and dwellings. He had names for them and so on.
        So one day, a squirrel said to Rodney, "So, Rodney, it's too bad that most of the motivation for the research you're undertaking about me and my family is based on your addiction to the taste and/or consistency of our flesh such that we have to scurry about and remain carefully poised in your presence such that our relationship remains cast in shadow and obscures our ability to relate fully with each other. Waddya say we relax for a while at an appointed time in an appointed place once a week for three weeks?"
        "Oh. Hm, I'm not sure I can trust myself not to slip. But I'd be willing to try it for a little while one day, just to see if I could do it. Maybe we could include others like the birds and the cats."
        "I asked the cats and they said the same thing you're saying."
        "It's settled then. When shall we meet?"
        "Tomorrow, 3 pm, here."
        "Yeah, okay."
        Rodney left the small clearing elated. He loved his mate and the thought of being able to relate in such an intimate way with potentially so many more companions was aweinspiring for him. His afternoon had begun so favorably. The sun was high and the trees were in full leaf. He ran towards his lair in the close. The logs which covered the entrance to his dwelling were shapely and his home was spacious and comfortably appointed with many hollows well packed with well crushed brush and leaves and grass and fur. A scattering of bones and the remains from many of his exploits littered the inside of the front wall. He was quite beautiful and so was his mate, Lurleem. They worked as a team. It was she who said to him," Rodney. You know you're going to take advantage of those poor unsuspecting squirrels tomorrow, aren't you."
        "Probably, but look, Lurleem, those squirrels know me well enough to protect themselves if they have to, and I believe the man to have been in earnest. So I will go in at least as much as possible with a full heart."
        Just at 3 the next afternoon, the squirrels approached from above, and Rodney saw the birds lite in the low branches and several cats mingled in the undergrowth. Everyone nodded and looked. There was a moment of suspence, then they began relating to each other, radiating and anticipating the radiance they knew so well of the other. Eyes met and inmost thoughts exchanged. It was so quiet, the wind played solo in the trees, while the forest experienced a transformation that day. The participants of that particular experiment sent a sympathetic wave of harmony throughout, and the aftermath was world peace.
        A few weeks later I saw Rodney sunning himself on a rock.
        "Hey, Buddy," I said, "What's new?"
        "Oh nothing. I'm lying here thinking about my recent conversation with my good friend, Ceydgen; she was saying how she enjoyed the notion that another moment does inevitably occur, thus the investment in the present becomes the priority of choice, it wielding the ultimate in awareness of experience. I mean, if time goes on forever then it becomes irrelevant and the experience of the future becomes the object of the present and all becomes one. Ya know?"
        "Is Ceydgen a fox?"
        "Far out"
        I met with Rodney every week in the afternoon in a clearing in the forest.
        After a month, I went there one morning and lay down under a tree and fell asleep. In a dream, I became light. All my friends came to greet me. My soul was laughing and crying. I died and came to life several times with tears streaming down my face. I awoke and found it all to have been real. The universe is perfect now. God is calling the shots.'

        The lips pouted, they were nearly burned into ash and only the very central ember could move. I asked it," Who are you?"
        a smile
        the universe
        The ember cracked and exploded into a million pieces, a miniature galaxy, and the remaining ash was scattered into the tall grass like a cloud into trees. The imprint was of a dancer in baggy clothes casting handfuls of seeds onto deeply furrowed earth, birds flying below high flying clouds.

        The explainer paused.
        "Such phenomena are rare. I am incredibly privildged to have been a witness."
        "One could say the miracle more than made up for the emmission of carbon monoxide it may have elicited."
        "Thank you, Officer."
        "No, problem."
        The young patrolman walked over to his car. Eyes to the sky. He swung into the drivers seat and trundled off down the road reflectively.
        The young woman smiled. Shook her head, and went inside her tent. A friend awaited her there. "How did you get him to go away? What did you say?"
        "I just told him we were doing some field experiments and that something happened and one of the fallen dead branches caught fire probably from a thrown match."
        " He bought that?"
        "Way to go!"
        "It grew into a story about some animals we've been watching and what we saw today."
        "I actually said I thought lightnening struck that tree."
        "No way. Did you tell him the whole thing, the story and everything, the picture at the end and everything?"
        "Mmm, yes, everything."
        "And he believed it?"
        "What did light up that log, do you remember?"
        "It felt and looked like the end of a rainbow."
        "Oh yeah. The shaft of rainbow light from the stars."
        "Mated with and old dead branch, and waddya know, consciousness as we know it was changed forever."
        "Do you think it described something that is to come or something that's already happened?
        Together they say, nodding,"Already happened." They each murmur something like,"God," and then crouch and look at each other and then list toward each other into a long hug. They then without saying anything begin rustling about picking up small items and putting them away, until they had, without really deciding to, packed up and were heading down the road. Their blue van darted along as an enormous cumulous bank in the shape of a broad voloptuous face loomed over the rocky hills that followed the highway, the gigantic white mouth expanded into a warm smile as the excited ex scientists, newly enthralled, drank in the extreme beauty of their surroundings.

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JAN 03 @ 13:19

by whitedog

I wrote this story crouching in my loft with my exboyfriend downstairs with a friend. It came out quickly. Almost all at once as did The Gift, the rough of the gift is almost flawless- The Wish was a mass of cross outs. My ex was furious that I had managed to write something like this while undergoing such a barage of crap from him. Makes me wonder....

JAN 11 @ 18:18

by whitedog

Thanks so much again, AC. I really want to get up and flying again.

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