Jamie Oliver

Red Velvet Cake

DEC 28 @ 16:32

by SusanneH

I made Red Velvet Cake from Ann's recipe for Boxing Day and it was a success with both the in-laws and my mom. (and us of course)
Here is a picture of it with my Christmassy decoration big_smile

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DEC 28 @ 19:59

by madamada

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh SusanneH, 10 e lode

DEC 28 @ 20:57

by ANN

Susanne,  The cake looks lovely!!!

DEC 29 @ 09:55

by michelle26

very pretty susanne; i would have loved a piece of that...

DEC 29 @ 11:53

by Despina33

Very festive!

DEC 30 @ 21:01

by MsPablo

Almost too pretty too eat, I did say almost!

JAN 03 @ 15:08

by madamada

ciao Susanne, I wanted to add something to the foodwise article about wooden chopping boards but I do not know how to do to.
Please help this confused womanlol

JAN 05 @ 22:28

by SusanneH

Madamada, you just have to click on "edit article" and then you get a field with the article in it and the option to type (like in the forums or the blogs) and when you are finished editing you click "submit".  wink

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