Jamie Oliver

RECIPE - How to cook a Husband

JAN 20 @ 09:49

by MarielH

smileFound this on the back of my mother's old cookery book -

Dont keep him near the fire by force, he'll stay there himself if properly treated.  Dont keep him in constant hot water, or a stew or even a pickle.  Should he splutter and fizz - add a little sweetener - kisses will do.  A little spice improves him but never use vinegar or pepper.  Dont feed him hot tongue or cold shoulder and never try him with anything sharp.  Stir him gently occasionally lest he become glat and tastless.  Following this recipe he should be tender and agreeable and will keep as long as you want to have him!

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JAN 20 @ 12:20

by Kye

lol i just love these old cookery books, the authers seemed to feel safe in marking these little stories, as at that time the man of the house didn't think it fit to read such a thing.

JAN 20 @ 12:57

by frizz1974

OMG ! That could have been straight from one of those old womens magazines.. the ones with house decorating & cleaning tips..

My older sis in law is thoroughly modern ( and wears the pants if you know what i mean) so i bought her one of those olf mags I found in 2nd hand/antique store..

One of the memorable tips was to change into a clean apron, mix a drink & greet him at the door with it...

Always reminds me of Bewitched (the tv show, I never saw the movie)

If I did that any man that knows me would wonder if I had smashed the car or something big_smile

JAN 20 @ 16:12

by Chrissa SKG

big_smilelol frizz same here....my OH already asks "what r u up to? what do you want now?" everytime I welcome him in an "inspired way"

but, was sweet and...diplomatic...of those women back then...today is all about confrontation in the name of equality..and suddenly nothing makes sense

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