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Magimix Food Processors

JAN 23 @ 21:08

by magimixman

The History
Magimix was the original pioneer of the food processor over 35 years ago in Burgundy France. By French catering company salesman, Pierre Verdan, he observed the vast amount of time his clients spent in the kitchen chopping, shredding and mixing. He felt there must be an easier way and he produced a simple but effective solution, a bowl with a revolving blade in the base Magimix has used this first model and evolved this down the years to the modern version. The parts for the original R1 are still available and BBS sell hundreds of bowls / blades / discs for these each year, they are still going strong and will probably last for years to come.

The Product
The modern versions are basically the same "why change something when it works". Designed to work better with the modern kitchens, with celebrity chefs, cookery schools and food writers always insisting on the Magimix food processor for reliability, quietness and robustness.
Add to that the fact that all models come with 12 year motor guarantee, and 3 years on parts (most car companies do not offer this sort of guarantee).this gives you confidence that Magimix know they have a product that lasts.

The bowls are made of shatterproof lexan plastic, the same material riot shields and aircraft windows.
The motors are a commercial grade induction motor, which automatically adjusts the power for the task needed. Simple no need to select speeds just controlled power all the time. There is no servicing on these motors they just go on and on.

The difference
When purchasing a Magimix there is always one main question you need to ask yourself. Which Size?
The Magimix has been designed to be used every day and should be kept on the work surface; the space needed is almost the same for each model.

The issue will be more the number of people in your family (are you planning a larger family in the next 10 years ?) or the amount of people you entertain (will you become more popular with your new Magimix ?).Remember the motor guarantee is 12 years!!

A rough guide is to follow is:
the Magimix 3200 model is for 3 to 4 people.
The Magimix 4200 model is for 4 to 5 people.
the Magimix 5200 model is for 5 or over people or large batch cooking.
All Magimix food processors are designed to help you cope small jobs or with large scale entertaining so your family or guests are provided with exquisite dishes. The 5200 model is slightly larger than the 4200 model but only takes up a similar amount of space on your kitchen worktop as the 3200. all three models come with 3 bowls, a mini bowl for small amounts, a midi bowl for slicing and grating into and the main bowl for all jobs including egg whisking, dough making, soups, smoothies, purees, cake making and endless other food processing jobs. With a Magimix food processor You will find it so simple to prepare a range of delectable culinary delights; you will love spending time being creative in your kitchen

Magimix 3200
Magimix provides a range of food mixers to suit all home catering needs and all sizes of parties. The 3200 model is specifically designed to prepare a huge variety of food for a small family or group of three to four people. With the 3200 line you can make a wide range of different recipes such as soups, sauces, bread dough, purees and dips for guests in minutes, and create tasty treats for your family in no time.The Magimix compact 3200 line takes up very little space on the kitchen worktop so that you can go about preparing your ingredients with no disruption caused by a crowded surface. Your kitchen will be a place you will love to spend time in with your Magimix 3200 and you will have hours of enjoyment in creating hundreds of delicious dishes efficiently and quickly. An entire range of accessories and spares are available from this website.

Magimix 4200

When you are entertaining a group of five to six people and need a quality machine to make your dishes, the Magimix 4200 line is the perfect solution. This unique line is slightly larger than the 3200 line but its compact design still only takes up very little space on your work surface. The 4200 line is ideal for creating a wide range of mouth-watering recipes that you can serve to your family and friends with pride. In very little time you can prepare dishes that will be delicious and will make everyone come back for more. The technology of the Magimix cuisine systeme 4200 range can make it simple for you to become the ultimate host through efficient entertaining, and your food the epitome of fine dining with its taste and presentation. An entire range of accessories and spares available from this site can only add to the enjoyment.

4200XL (extra large feed lid)

The 4200XL is the latest in a long line of food processors from Magimix. The XL adds a much larger feed tube & pusher for greater convenience & speed when slicing, shredding or grating larger potatoes, cabbage, cheese, etc. With a 950w commercial grade motor and a 3 litre bowl, the 4200xl is ideal for 4-6 people o for those who love to entertain guests or have small catering needs for slicing or grating.


The Magimix 5200 line is designed to help you cope with large scale entertaining so all your guests are provided with exquisite dishes. The 5200 line is larger than the 4200 models but only takes up a similar amount of space on your kitchen worktop as both the 3200 and 4200 machines. You will find it so simple to prepare a range of delectable culinary delights; you will love spending time being creative in your kitchen. There will be no limit to the experimentation that you can enjoy, and the superb technology of the 5200 line will make it effortless to be efficient in your cookery. With the 5200’s design and excellent range of accessories and spares available, you will taste truly tempting recipes in a matter of minutes and prepare a wide selection of servings that will delight your family and friends, no matter how many you cater for.

5200XL (extra large feed lid)

The Magimix 5200 is available as a Magimix 5200 XL. The XL adds a much larger feed tube & pusher for greater convenience & speed when slicing, shredding or grating larger potatoes, cabbage, cheese, etc. The new design also allows the 5200xl food processor to be used left or right handed with comfort. Building on the strengths of the 4200, the 5200 features a commercial grade 1100w motor and a 3.7 litre mixing bowl. This machine is suited to the large food preparation for somebody that needs to slice or grate in quantities or its great for large parties and dinners.

Magimix le mini

At Magimix there is something to suit all chefs whether they are professional or are creating dishes in the home. The le mini food processor is perfect for those who need efficient technology on a smaller scale, to use for a small family or a compact kitchen. The le mini is designed perfectly to work in cosier spaces so that the maximum amount of power can be used with the minimum amount of space being taken up. This unique model with its selection of useful spares will make it possible for you to create a range of tasty treats and even make the process fun. You will love to experiment with the power and proficiency of the le mini, making the kitchen your favourite room in the house. The design of the le mini will ensure that every dish is delicious and edible in minutes.

Magimix le micro

The le micro available from Magimix is a distinctively designed piece of machinery that will enhance your culinary experience. With the small but powerful technology incorporated into the le micro you will be able to create appetising sauces in minutes and enjoy entertaining on a new level. The le micro is designed to emulsify in seconds and is particularly good for baby food and also preparing herbs. The micro instruction book is already a big hit with some fantastic recipes for pesto, Latino chilli sauce, Aubergine caviar and Tzatziki to name a few.

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JAN 23 @ 22:41

by mummza

I have a few questions about the 5200 and the 5200XL ....
(I have a 5200 and I need to buy a new bowl for it as one of the little locking areas has simply sheered off... no idea why or how this happened... )anyway my question is...

Are the lids for the 5200 and the 5200XL interchangeable ?

Will the lid for the 5200XL  only fit on the 5200XL bowl or would it also fit on a 5200 bowl ?

Is the 5200XL bowl larger than the 5200 bowl ?

Would the 5200XL bowl fit on a standard 5200 magimix ?

APR 14 @ 07:17

by Maree

I have the same question as Mummza. I own a 5200 but I would like to purchase the dicing kit. I understand I need a 5200XL lid (to get the wider feed shute). Will the XL lid fit the 5200 (large) bowl?

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