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Himmel und Erde

JAN 28 @ 18:30

by SusanneH

Lovely comfort food:

Himmel und Erde (Heaven and Earth) mash (potatoes and apples) with fried Blutwurst (blood sausage), onion rings and melted butter..... big_smile

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JAN 28 @ 18:55

by Torilla

Haha, couldn't eat it... Guess I am a bit blinkered... but I can't stand "roten Pressack" aswell, though, I'd love the mashed potatoes with the onions... big_smile

JAN 28 @ 19:22

by dukegus

I was hoping you where gonna make this dish some time! Mine was a bit of a failure, too much apple I guess....couldn't eat it so easily smile

I used equal amounts potatoes and apples, for apples I use the green ones. Nutmeg for fragrance...butter, fried onions... could you give us the recipe so I could try it once more? Any tips?

JAN 28 @ 22:22

by madamada

I never heard of potatoes and apples together, I would like to know about it, dos it go only with this recipe, I would do it without meat, what do you suggest Susannewink

JAN 29 @ 19:49

by SusanneH

The problem is that there isn't really a recipe - it is one of those oldfashioned ones.
I cook roughly equal amounts of potatoes and apples (rather use a little more potatoes than apples if you like that better). Peel both and cook in salt water. Either separately or together. Basically I cooked the potatoes till almost done. The apples I cut in much smaller cubes (1.5 cm side length) and added for about 5 minutes. Both should be done but not mushy.
Drain, but reserve liquid. Mash, but not completely. I mashed about half of it and then mixed with the unmashed half. Add a little of the liquid to make a good texture. You can also use a little milk (I accidently poured the liquid away completely yesterday). Season with salt, pepper and a little nutmeg.
For the onions cut rings and fry till crisp. Put on top of the mash.
Put a generous amount of butter in the same pan - melt and pour over everything. (this is optional, but good wink )
For the blutwurst, cut 1cm slices, dust with flour, fry in non stick pan from both sides till crisp outside and soft inside.

I like to use crisp and sour apples, but you can use your favorites. Many people make this dish by mixing mashed potatoes and apple sauce/compote. Though I don't think this sounds very appetizing.

It is a classic poor people food from the Rhine, where they are fond of mixing sweet and savory wink

Madamada, it is the only classic German recipe that I know combining potatoes and apples, but I have eaten an English pie that had potatoes, apples, and pork. Also very nice.

About the name: In some areas in Germany (and in France really too) potatoes are called apples of the earth. So the potatoes are "Earth" and real apples are Himmel "Sky/Heaven".

JAN 29 @ 22:00

by madamada

this dish is full of interesting particolari Susanne, saying a lot about people and simple solutions to make something hot to put in the plate. I think you could  paste it on the foodwise section if it doesn't go automatically there.  I store it in my archivio ricette
thanks a lotthumbsupwave

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