Jamie Oliver

Stella's Paella,by Penny and daughter Katie

JAN 29 @ 23:58

by pennysaints

Thankyou Stella, was amazing! Worth dealing with live seafood, Looked fab tooexclaimthumbsup

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JAN 30 @ 00:09

by Luvmegrub

AbFab Penny.thumbsup

Did my first one recently - bit of a palaver but worth it.  Had loads left over too and it was delicious the next day.  I was a bit worried about reheating seafood so I would only keep it a day or bin it, which would have been tragic with all those lovely prawns.

JAN 30 @ 00:11

by john_lee

This is something I have eaten on holiday, but have never made. I'm definitely going to give it a go - looks fab!

JAN 30 @ 06:13

by runneralps

omg i think i can stand to this food thumbsup

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