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Pork Belly and Dauphinoise Potatoes

JAN 30 @ 09:45

by greenphotos

Got this recipe from a local restaurant called the Foresters. The Chef was kind enough to go through it with me and when I tried it, it worked perfectly!

Pork Belly was only £4.50 per kg from my local farm shop which grows it's own pigs. We see them snuffling around the field when driving in. Very Happy Pigs indeed!

***** Pork Belly *****
Serves 4

-------------  Ingredients:
1.5kg Belly Pork about 2 inches thick.
Leeks - 1 large or 2 small
Carrots - 2
Celery sticks - 2
Red Onion - 1
Garlic finely chopped - 5 cloves
Orange - 1
Ginger - 2cm
Chilli finely chopped - 1/2
Cinamon stick broken in two - 1 stick
Star Anise - 3
Rock Salt and Pepper

-------------  Method:
Preheat oven to 160deg C.

Roughly chop all the veg into a deep roasting tray and add the spices.
Score the pork skin/fat in a lattice (may need to use a stanley knife - be careful!) but not all the way to the meat. Rub a generous amount of salt on the skin and place in the centre of the tray ontop of the veg.

Fill the tray with water till just under the skin. Everything else should be covered. This way the skin stays dry and ends up beautifuly crispy.

Put in the oven for 4.5 hours. Thicker pieces of meat may take an extra 30 mins.


We decided to do it with Dauphinoise....

***** Dauphinoise Potatoes *****
Serves 4 as accomniment

-------------  Ingredients:
1KG Potatoes peeled and finely sliced
Small block Gruyère cheese grated (cheddar works too)
300ml Double Cream
300ml Milk
2 Garlic Cloves finely chopped.
Salt and Pepper

-------------  Method:
Preheat Oven to 160 Deg C (handy as pork is at same temp)

Butter a medium size oven proof dish.
Arrange the potato slices around the dish building up the layers with grated cheese. Season each layer with a sprinkle of garlic, salt and pepper.
Fill till potatoes are nearing the top of the dish then add a last sprinke of cheese.

Pour over the cream then milk. Do not fill right up, 3/4 full is ok. You may not need all the milk.

Cook for 1 hour and check. Potatoes should all be soft underneath and nice and coloured on the top, and not too liquidy.


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JAN 30 @ 10:29

by Chrissa SKG

I will make the potatoes for SURE thanks!

JAN 30 @ 12:33

by john_lee

Looks good, and if there's any belly pork left in my butcher's, I'm going to cook it this weekend. Gratin dauphinois is a favourite as well, but I like to add a little grated nutmeg to mine!

JUN 02 @ 08:58

by vuvvuv

yum, looks like a delicious and simple pork belly recipe, I'm going to try it as soon as I can work out the french for 'pork belly.'
I will also add nutmeg to my potatoes - a potato rarely makes it onto the table without a smidge of nutmeg somewhere in it's preparation.big_smile

JUN 10 @ 16:22

by 999cameron

Making this tonight with some chicken recipe...
Now to look for the chicken recipe!
This recipe looks great though, thanks smile

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