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Farfalle with Jamie's Creamy Bacon and Pea Sauce

JAN 31 @ 22:27

by john_lee

There's a modest hill town in the Le Marche region of Italy called Macerata. Ten miles inland from the Adriatic, it's a neat and well-behaved little city full of sensible people just going about their business. As with most Italian hill towns, there's a walled historical centre containing a catherdral, museum and theatre, and scores of charming boutiques, cafés and bars. There's also a maze of ancient, winding alleyways, whose sandy bricks sigh with nostaligia, and conceal the lives of the townsfolk within.

Just outside the walls on a broad, shrub-lined avenue called Via Don Bosco, there's a bright and bustling eaterie called Caffè del Viale. Almost every lunchtime while working in Macerata, I went there to eat from the €4.50 set menu, and to practice my clumsy Italian on the pretty waitresses. Every day there would be simple and seasonal pastas, salads and risottos, and I never got tired of them, even after a year. A recurring theme in their dishes was peas and pork; either sausage, prosciutto or pancetta, served in a sauce of cream or pasatta, or both, and even cold in pasta salads with raddichio and cherry tomatoes. I miss it terribly.

I found myself dining alone tonight, and on such occasions I invariably resort to pasta, and I often make something inspired by my al fresco lunches in Macerata. When you're not in the mood for full-on cooking, there's nothing better than a dish which only takes two pans and ten minutes to make. Jamie's Ministry of Food recipe of pasta with creamy smoked bacon and pea sauce fits the bill perfectly - it's sweet, smoky, lemony and unctious, and everyone loves it. What's more, it could have come straight from the kitchen of Caffè del Viale.

Here's the recipe - don't forget to pass it on! http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/past … -smoked-ba

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FEB 01 @ 04:38

by The White Rabbit

lovely story

FEB 01 @ 06:35

by runneralps

I fully agree with you.It takes a few minutes to make a miracle. Farfalle pasta is one of my favorite dishes.Excellent photo and dish.thumbsup

FEB 01 @ 12:36

by MsPablo

Evocative description!  I love your china, shows off those excellent pasta meals so perfectly!

FEB 01 @ 12:39

by secondhandrose

Nice work!

FEB 01 @ 13:29

by john_lee

Hi guys, thanks for the kind comments! I'm really getting into the blog since getting a digital camera for Xmas - it's a good outlet for my frustrated food writing ambition! smile

MsPablo, the china is (appropriately) called 'Blue Italian' by an old English pottery company called Spode. Sadly they were a victim of the credit crunch a few months ago and went into administration.

FEB 01 @ 14:46

by madamada

it's a good outlet for my frustrated food writing ambition! smile

do not feel frustrato John, you have lots of fans when you tell atmosfere together with recipes

there are books of Simenon, not necessarily "gialli"/thriller which have a similar taste, ambientati in Francia ovviamente, if you want to be a writer  ....... I would not concentrate on foodstuff, keep it as a sidedish and describe atmosferethumbsup

FEB 02 @ 13:53

by pasini

Nice recipe and story!

FEB 03 @ 09:37

by madamada

best complimenti as a writer John, Danny hathumbsupwave premiato il tuo talento

FEB 03 @ 17:17

by john_lee

Lo so, Mamamada - che fantastico, vero?! Sono molto contento! Grazie!

Thanks Danny for featuring this on the home page, it's a real honour!

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